Virtua Tennis 3 Trailer

Sega's next-gen installment of the masterful Virtua Tennis series. In development at talented UK studio Sumo Digital, the outfit responsible for the top-notch PSP instalment in addition to recent OutRun console titles, VT3 promises all the enhancements you'd expect from a next-gen product, with the tantalising prospect of full online play.

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Joe Schmoe6201d ago

I dont care if this game sucked you off as you played. Tennis is lame!!

clayton6201d ago

I have top spin 2, that is enough tennis for me. Doesn't look much better than top spin either.

hydrog6200d ago

This will pwn Top Spin! And Mr. Joe Schmoe should stick to his Finding Nemo games... Tennis is good fast paced twitch action!! :)

Joe Schmoe6200d ago

I didnt think anyone would look at this post seeing as its tennis but since you replied to mine I feal obligated to respond to you. First off tennis is primarily a chic sport so you must be very feminine. And no I havent played finding nemo is it any good? If you would like to play some madden or socom 2 let me know? Also I was being kinda hard on tennis I guess if it did suck me off as I played I would probaly buy it.

PS360PCROCKS6198d ago

lol this doesn't look that great