Motorstorm 2 to feature Monster trucks and water

Scans are from OPM magazine. The first scan is hard to read. Says that the upcoming trailer will give hints to the new gameplay dynamics.


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fenderputty3971d ago

Water would be super cool. Isn't the game supposed to take place in a jungle now?

mighty_douche3971d ago

"feature's tropical locations" I think that was it.

sonarus3971d ago

motorstorm is a rock solid game. I love racing games usually only buy 1 sim racer and 1 arcade type racer a yr. Would have been GT and burnout this yr or at least so i planned but looks like motorstorm will be filling in burnout shoes. Didnt like the direction the new burnout went. My only complaint with the original motorstorm was the lack of split screen. With that included i am sold

sonarus3971d ago

CG footage is apparently supposed to be shown. Suggesting the game is actually not as far as long as we thought. I say just wait and give us gameplay video

marinelife93971d ago

They still commented that we should see by this Christmas.

Maddens Raiders3971d ago

game on any console around; Bar-none.

Violater3971d ago

can someone rehost the images?

sonarus3971d ago

We should see it by Christmas is simply an estimate made by the magazine and not by sony or evolution studios. But yes this is BY FAR the best off road racer there is

gonzopia3971d ago

I recently had to exchange my 80GB PS3 and got a temporary 40GB. What did I miss the most? Motorstorm. Instead, I got the Blu-ray edition of Spiderman 3. Lame.

So now I'm really anxious to try out Motorstorm 2... in lieu of my lost Motorstorm original.

Lifendz3970d ago

not that Motorstorm was wrong, it just felt like a very meat and potatoes kind of racer. It's the little extras that really make a racer. Heck, after enjoying Burnout so much I think they should go open environment on the island. Can't wait to see what they do with that engine.

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mighty_douche3971d ago

Fantastic.... You need to register to see the scan's...

Can someone (a member) upload them somewhere please?

Darkiewonder3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Here's the picture.

Looks like they'll be upping the Online Multiplayer.

"We also understand that the number of players supported by the online mode will be upped, and the other big addition seen in the video is the new chassis-crushing mosnter trucks, which join the roster of ATVs, bikes, and big rigs."

EDIT again:

mighty_douche3971d ago

Thank You!! If i could dish out a million bubble's i would, but you'll have to settle for 1.

fenderputty3971d ago

Even in Photobuckett, the damn work firewall blocks them. I'll wait till I get home to see them.

Violater3971d ago

those are some awefull scans though lol.

TheWickedOne3971d ago

Thanks man. Nice to see someone helping out the little people.

incogneato3971d ago

Bubbles for Adonis and the pictures :D

Caliber3970d ago

thanks, bubbles for you

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heyheyhey3971d ago

hoorah for monster trucks

doodle3971d ago

so so excited

2008 is simply PS3's year

no doubt there

Pain3970d ago

Unlike a 360 game....

TheExecutive3971d ago

it sounds like the trailer is going to be all CG... that sucks.

fenderputty3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

small amounts of gameplay. It could also mean that they use the replay engine as well. I hope they don't just show CG. I really want to see something from this game. GT showed mostly replay clips of gameplay and very few inside the car view of actualy gameplay.

/cheers ... here's to hoping for something more then CG.

mighty_douche3971d ago

"and although it's all CGI it give's you an idea of what to expect."

fenderputty3971d ago

as always ...

I'll settle for CG as long as there are hints about what to expect.

When is Sony Gamers Day? I got a feeling that's when we'll get flooded with gameplay vids of various games to check out.

TheExecutive3971d ago

1. It wont look as good as the trailer.
2. This means the release date is further off than I had hoped.

mighty_douche3971d ago

"but we wouldn't be surprised if Christmas is spent tearing through tropical jungles."

techie3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

OPM don't know the difference. Ingame assets, at higher resolution and increased AA is what you can expect. That it looks so good they presume it's CG is a good sign. You've yet to see an official racing trailer that doesn't have what I just said - including Dirt and GT5p.

And who thinks GT5 trailers are too good to be true? They might LOOK like CG, doesn't mean they are.

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