Everything You Always Wanted to Know About GTA IV, But Were Afraid to Ask

TheGameReviews has compiled a massive list of GTA info, which includes everything from weapons to characters to location and more.

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cain1413965d ago

This will be the First GTA title I purchase. I never really got into it before this, but the game looks like a lot of fun...

Panthers3965d ago

The other ones were a lot of fun too. When I first played GTA 3 (which I didnt even want, but it was a christmas gift) I was amazed and immediately said it was the best game I have ever played.

ThatArtGuy3965d ago

I loved the setting and immersion I felt with Vice City. San Andreas had much more to do, but the setting and the added RPG elements left me cold.

Slayer OP3965d ago

Salvatore died in GTA III...

NO_PUDding3965d ago

It's true, and I happily killed him as Claude Speed. Bastard.

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The story is too old to be commented.