6-Year-Old Boy Spent His Father’s 8-Year World of Warcraft Savings on Pets

The father wrote that his 6-year-old son spent his 8-year savings in Wolrd of Warcraft which is more than 476,000 gold in just one minute. He felt very upset and decided to be "away from the keyboard forever". According to the father, the tragedy occurred when he was using the bathroom...

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Growing up, my dad was dead-set on a NO PETS ALLOWED policy in our casa. one day out of the blue he bought me a small tank of fishes at they were selling at walgreens for about 16 smackers. So of course, the second we got outside i somehow managed to accidentally dropped the stupid tank, and it shattered all across the sidewalk. In all my dads quiet disappointment, he left me outside for about a second while i bawled my eyes out before he came out with an equally bad ass fish tank.

I feel like this situation is a lot like that.

redDevil873014d ago

I read your story and i suddenly have these feels.

Gazondaily3014d ago

LMAO!!! Mate I'm in tears......your comment....ah...."suddenl y have these feels".

Loooool who says that?! Lol....+ 1 quadrillion funny bubbles for you sir, you legend amongst men.

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CalvinKlein3013d ago

you should have at least aksed for a hamster

InTheLab3014d ago

I remember saving up about 1800g farming herbs in vanilla wow only to have Blizzard make my gold and herb supply worthless with The Burning Crusade. At that point, I decided to play casually and what do you know, the game got fun again.

Captain Qwark 93014d ago

no offense but that seems like a massive waste of time lol and judging from your last statement, you see that now too

rezzah3014d ago

Anything can seem like a giant waste of time unless you find meaning within it.

KillrateOmega3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

8 years worth?

I know the kid is only 6, but damn, dick move. Lol.

mi_titan273014d ago

just imagine if he spent even just half that time raising his kid instead of farming for gold, that kid probably wouldnt of done

KillrateOmega3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Poor guy could have saved himself so much frustration. That's 8 years of effort right down the drain.

At least he'll be spending more time with his kid now (like he should)...that is, unless he's still too butthurt about what happened XD

Gazondaily3014d ago

How long did the dad spend on the toilet?! Either the dad pulled off a Randy Marsh and just shat Bonno out or that kid has super fingers.

Kran3014d ago

The child was born just as the father had so many ambitions... in world of warcraft.

And look where it got him. /sadface

KillrateOmega3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

His hopes and WoW...have been thoroughly crushed.

He'll have his revenge though. When that kid hits 16 and asks his dad if he can borrow the car, he'll have his revenge...

Kran3013d ago



coolmast3r3014d ago

I don't get people playing these MMORPG's.

koehler833014d ago

I'm sure that's just one group in a long list of people you don't get.

Moncole3014d ago

Thats why you shouldn't have kids.

rezzah3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Out of curiosity.

What are some reasons why people should have kids?



Then you should rephrase your words to "This is why I don't want kids". Because you are telling others that they shouldn't have kids. There is a difference, it's like "then" and "than".

Moncole3014d ago

If people want kids they I dont care if they have or not but I dont want kids.

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