Strategy Informer: Unreal Tournament III Review

Unreal Tournament 3 won't be for everyone. The lack of a worthy single-player experience will undoubtedly put some people off, and the fact that there are games already available that offer an online experience every bit as enjoyable confuses the matter even more. But those games don't offer the same type of all-out action that Unreal Tournament 3 provides, and if you want a slightly more arcade-like FPS experience, and one that doesn't require hours of time-investment to get the most out of it, there really isn't currently a better option.

Better than Call of Duty 4? No, definitely not. Suitably different and worth purchasing to experience the superb mods and Warfare mode? Absolutely.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 8
A.I. - 5
Value - 9
Overall -

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