Castle Crashers Contraversy

I've seen some funny stuff but no matter what system you like you have to watch this for a good laugh. This goes to show how uptight and hilarious some people are that they can take a game like this and put a bad spin on it.

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Ravenator5295894d ago

Thats embarrassing. I don't know what else to say.

Mikey_Gee5894d ago

In crackdown I KNOW FOR A FACT the main guy is black and seen him kill white guys.


I am shocked and offended.

HEY LADY ..... get a life and find someone else to cry out over your silly statments and views.

dantesparda5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

Come on man! stop being a insensitive little pr!ck! And crying about your white brothers getting a bad rap, cuz we all know that, thats bullsh!t, y'all run the country for god sake. But I do agree that she is wrong because she is seeing things there that arent really there, but they do sort of look like KKK now that she mentions it. I actually feel sorry for her, for she is really just misinterpreting it. Somebody just needs to explain to her that, thats not what its really about. And P.S. the game does look good

GioneBurnz5894d ago

This game looks sweet-a$$

Dusk5894d ago

the zombies. Zombies are the most segregated, discriminated against, demoralized race in all of video games. This racism against zombies needs to stop.

tee hee

dantesparda5893d ago

And you, you're just funny, I like your perspective on it. The lady is just sincerely misinterpreting it

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