PS3 BT Headset & PSP GPS Unit Details

Quite a few Sony console and handheld owners have been waiting for this - details on the PlayStation 3 BlueTooth headset and PlayStation Portable GPS units have now (finally) surfaced the Internet.

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UnblessedSoul3963d ago

Headset looks awesome, although the one I got now works perfectly, I might get the official one for the hell of it

Kleptic3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I probably will end up getting it too...especially if it comes with Socom in a bundle...

My jabra that came with Warhawk is fine for now...but the set I have for my cell phone is nearly 4 years old, and the battery only last for about 15 minutes of with this PS3 thing, I can transfer the jabra over to my cell phone permanently...

it does look pretty cool... but that picture is not real...its just a digital drawing of some sort, so who knows how official it is...

eagle213963d ago

awesome headset! It works with cellphones TOO! Go Sony!!!!!!!

rawg3963d ago

The recharging dock and automatic pairing through USB sold it for me. It looks nice too.

I'll probably get the SOCOM bundle but honestly I'd rather just have the game installed on my HDD instead of having to swap disks. Still the bundle price is hard to beat if you're going to get SOCOM anyway.

Douche3963d ago

That headset looks ba-dass. I wonder how small it is. When I went and ordered my silver Jabra JX10 for Warhawk, I about died when I saw how small it really was. I got it new and OEM for just $40 (retail is at $160!!!)It's like the size of a paperclip and I can barely tell if I'm wearing it. And the quality is top notch. Basicly, this headset better kick major @ss for me to go out and buy it too. I kinda need a new one anyway as it is. JX10's literally begin falling apart after so long. It's either this or another JX10.

Junior45653963d ago

when I have money and nothing else to buy in the coming week but the one I got with Warhawk will do

P.S. I never really played SOCOM before so might as well try


I broke the ear support of mine Warhawk bundled Jabra... I don't have a clu of what to do with it now (actually, I wrapped it with addesive type and still functional, but that's too nerd to go with this). If I can't change the ear ring, I'll probably get this new one.

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darkwing3963d ago

its better if you get the SOCOM bundle for $10 more than the standalone BT

CaliGamer3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

That is a very good value, just like the WH bundle.

By the way, that PSP GPS looks slick, I might have to get a PSP soon and get that.

mighty_douche3963d ago

That headset is rad!

& SOCOM: Confrontation bundle, I'm sold : )

Bleucrunch3963d ago

$80 bucks that's it OMG when is this coming out???

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The story is too old to be commented.