Wonderwallweb give Rez HD 5/10

Rez HD is a re-release on the XBLA tarted up with HD visuals and crystal clear sound. Having read reviews back when this was originally released and read with regular occurrence at how great it was, you'd have thought I may have picked it up. I didn't, so Rez HD is a completely new experience to me.

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JoelR3969d ago


what the hell wonderwallweb smoking....
Easy 8.5/10 for me

Otoh - if they hold 5/10 as average (rather then the more standard 7.5/10 )then it might be close to the correct valuation. I still feel it is better then average and almost absolutely amazing as a XBL game.

permutated3969d ago


Are they retarded?

It's one of the most beautiful, unique, and fun games ever created.

F*ck that site.