PSM3 Reviews: Dark Sector, Army Of Two, Condemed 2 and more

Here are the reviews from the latest copy of UK mag PSM3.

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SIX3904d ago

Army of 2 got one of the highest scores! This game is all over the map.

Leon_Blu3904d ago

but what does dreary mean ? can someone explaine im from Norway,


Rama262853904d ago

Synonyms for "dreary":

Dull, Boring, Monotonous, Tedious, Lacklustre, Unexciting, Routine.

Hopes this helps :::thumbs up:::

permutated3904d ago

Dark Sector not doing as good as promised.

I'll wait for the IGN and GT reviews, I generally have the same taste as them.

InMyOpinion3904d ago

In a swedish magazine called Super Play it only got 3/10. Their reviews usually suck though. I think they gave Army of two and Lost Odyssey 3/10 as well. So what I'm trying to say is...uhh.

BeaArthur3904d ago

78 for RSV2? What a joke.

Homicide3904d ago

Disappointing scores for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Dark Sector. I was looking forward to those games. Condemned 2 got a good score. I'll probably rent all 3.

Domer253904d ago

i can't believe that RSV2 is mediocre. oh wait this is for the PS3. nevermind

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