TalkXbox Reviews Bully: Scholarship Edition

TalkXbox reviewed Bully: Scholarship, giving it an 87/100. They had this to say:

"If you're looking for a fun, enjoyable, and hilarious sandbox game, Bully is very easy to recommend. The game is a joy to play, and probably one of the funniest games ever made. If you're someone who likes having fun and laughing, buy Bully."

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Blademask3963d ago

For Bully....
and all of its performance problems?

This is why console biased sites shouldn't be included in metaaverages.

dannyhinote_133963d ago

Have you played the game? (I'm not the reviewer, but just saying. Yes or no?)

MadMax3963d ago

Actually i own the game and can say there is no issues with the game at all. The problem is peoples consoles that are freezing, not because of the game. I heard its people with first generation systems that are having problems with the game. My older system would freeze up on me with assassins creed and no other game, then my 360 got the red ring of death. Its the console, not the game. Great game though, i had for the PS2 and enjoyed it greatly. This version is way better, graphics are 4x better and added missions and classes are a nice plus. Get the game, its right up there with GTA and different. Plus if you have an older console no need to worry because a patch is coming out within the next few days. 9/10 game for me and love it!