Gears of War - Multiplayer Interview

No way you can get around Gears these days. It's everywhere and it deserves it. Watch this great ingame stuff on co-op and in between interviewing the big man himself. No introduction needed!

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TheMART5894d ago

Cliffy you're the man and I bet you get offers to double the income, or even tripple it after this has released!

Deceased5894d ago

I love your avatar, that kicks a$$, where did you get it?

TheMART5894d ago

I am not sure exactly, picked it up somewhere at a site but I really have no idea where...

Yeah it's a funny one :)

rj815894d ago

Or is this gameplay video brighter and more vibrant than what has been shown in most?

uuuunvnv25894d ago

Is I want this damn game now!!!! I am so tired of seeing other people play it. after reading the post earlier and it saying that this game lives up to the hype and more just makes me want to snap someones neck i want it so bad. Oh wait... splinter cell is out next week, i can snap necks then ;)

zonetrooper55894d ago

I'm getting this game no matter what. I'm also getting Call Of Duty 3, FEAR, Halo 3 and Halo wars. There are so many good games coming out for the Xbox 360.

richie007bond5894d ago

Theres so many amazing new games coming out for the 360 its going to cost me a small fortune lol,ive never came across this about of stunning mind blowing games on one system,this is no joke guys but ive bought more 360 games than any other console ive had to date which is just mind blowing,and still microsoft keeps on churning out so many amazing games i cant keep up,am in heaven.Ill just have to work longer hours to get my 360 games fix lol..

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