The Orange Box: 100 Awards and Counting

The 2007 award season is coming to a close and The Orange Box - the unique multiplatform, multi-game offering from Valve, creators of Half-Life® 2 and Counter-Strike® - has racked up over 100 first place awards, comprised of more than 50 Game of the Year honors plus over 50 craft awards for special achievements in gaming.

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Laexerias3968d ago

So random fansite awards are seriously real awards?
Nice try Valve. ~_~ I just liked Portal.

LinuxGuru3968d ago

I agree.

Portal was truly unique, and we need to see a sequel.


LinuxGuru3968d ago

Well deserved, but...

I hope Gabe Newell gets a thousand farts in the face from Santa this year for screwing over PS3 users with an inferior port and a lack of love.