Mortal Kombat Murder A Misnomer

GamePolitics readers will likely recall the intense media coverage which attended the December slaying of 7-year-old Zoe Garcia.

The young Colorado girl's death at the hands of her stepsister, 16-year-old Heather Trujillo (left) and Trujillo's boyfriend, 17-year-old Lamar Roberts quickly gained notoriety as the "Mortal Kombat Murder" due to early reports that the accused killers executed video game-like martial arts moves on Zoe following a session of playing the well-known fighting game.

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DarkSniper3927d ago

This is unfortunate news and Dark Sniper hopes that this murderer either gets life or the death penalty. Dark Sniper personally would have rather have Heather Trujillo and Lamar Roberts perform suicide or have killed each other with martial arts moves rather than destructing the lives of an innocent child. Games such as Dead or Alive is probably what influenced this unfortunate crime.


DiLeCtioN3927d ago

sometimes i just wonder why oh why people do this

Yi-Long3927d ago

... bad parenting, depression, drug-abuse, a rotten failing schoolsystem which makes them feel like losers and gives them little hope for a decent future, lack of attention, a goverment that gives the wrong example when it comes to morals, and doesnt seem to care about poor people, etc etc etc.

... and occasionally people are just born nuts, or 'bad', and sometimes both.

Videogames however, arent the cause. If that were the case, with the tens of millions of people playing these games on a regular basis, we would be in a whole lot of trouble right now, but we arent. There are MAYBE about 5 cases where there has been found a direct link between violent videogames and a murder or serious crime. Maybe 5.

Now compare those (maybe) 5, with all the murders and hatred that has been caused by The Bible, or The Koran, or The Torah. Killers proclaiming it was 'OK' what they did, cause God has told them in his book that it was 'OK'.
Just looking at that, there must be thousands upon thousands of such cases where there is a direct link between the written word of God, and an act of violence/hate against another human being.

So why isnt there an outcry over banning The Bible!? Or the Koran?
It would certainly make more sense than the current outcry over violent videogames.

Personally, I dont believe in censorship, so I certainly wouldnt ask for The Bible to banned, or The Koran, or a movie, or a videogame, or whatever. I'm an atheist, but everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and books and hobbies etc (obviously excluding kiddy-porn and 'amusement' of that kinda nature, where innocents were hurt in the process of making it).

But I just give the example to show the hypocrisy surrounding this issue, and how selective many people pick their scapegoats.

There are sick, evil people in this world. Videogames didnt make them sick and evil. Neither did musicvideos, or cartoons.
It's about time people stopped wasting times on scapegoats, and instead looked at the real issues...

And even when we banned every possible bad influence, there will still be bullying, there will still be depression, there will still be senseless violence, hate and murders.

It's time to just accept the fact that the human kind isnt perfect, and we will never be perfect. There will always be nuts among us.

Rocko3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Hell is too good for such sub-human trash.

LightningPS33927d ago

but I swear i saw this girl before. Was it related to since back then?

If so this is old, and if not, that's just crazy.

kornbeaner3927d ago

I hope that you are not referring to his color and more to the type of person he seems to be. Cause if its racial dude there really is no need for that here.

DarkSniper3926d ago

Sony Snipers do not support hate within another due to their skin color. Be sure to report this scum as offensive and hope that he is banned from N4G.


gano3926d ago

Please report people and i bet you'll never say that in one face. I can bet my life on it.

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Spike473927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

"finish HiM" !!!!!!!!

Just read the news though, seriously messed up.

Those fricken sick bastards.

Cryos3926d ago

What's really sad about this whole thing is that the media jumps all over this initially and spread the word nice and loud. Then when new evidence comes out that maybe it had NOTHING to do with videogames, they feel a small article, or an aside should suffice.

If they are going to make a big deal about it the first time through, they should make it a big deal for new details that contradict their original story.

Spike473927d ago


racism is bogus, who cares if they have a different color, it's dumb.

Like I said in gamerzone: "FINISH HIM" LOL

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