PS3 Online: How It Works

EuroGamer has the latest word on how PS3's online service will work.

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andy capps6350d ago

You beat me to it, I was about to post this. Great article, to sum it up.. Playstation network service is operational, one name sign on, multiple users are supported, online multiplayer is free except for subscription based MMO's, transactions will be done through Playstation's store using actual dollars (not points), MMO's subscriptions will be paid for from there so you don't have to give your credit card info to anyone other than Sony, instant messaging and email is there, web browser is there, voice chat and video chat are planned but weren't demonstrated, and an equivalent of achievements was not discussed.

So basically, it will be nothing like PS2 online in that it has everything Xbox Live has, but for free. The only remaining difference may be that Sony hasn't announced whether the "entitlements" is the equivalent of achievements and if so, how that will be implemented (is it all games, or just some of them). The other difference will only be known in time, will the network operate smoothly or will it have lag. We shall see. The hands on articles released thus far with multiplayer have shown no lag, but more about that won't be known until reviews of the games start rolling out. Great article, seems like Sony has definitely been doing their homework for the PS3 online service.

BenzMoney6350d ago

...not so fast there buddy. Xbox LIVE has a couple of things on this system. The first and most obvious is that it's a proven system that works well with no (or very few) hiccups. The second that I can think of off the top of my head is that XBL allows in game chatting and messaging (even cross-game chatting) which this article specifically states the PS3 doesn't support. So if you're in a game and want to invite you buddy (who's playing another game) then you're out of luck. Or, if you want to chat with a buddy who's in another game, you're out of luck. That's a glaring weakness - in my opinion, at least... But I do agree that it sounds like they've come a long way since PS2's online - not that that's saying much. =P

Mr Bubbles6350d ago

I agree- it does seem to have many of the good things that are available on xbLive. I think using real currency units in the store is a good move too. I don't like the Monopoly money points that xlive uses. I shouldn't have to convert points to dollars to figure out how much a magical elven cod piece is gonna really cost me.

Sony is still sticking to the "free multiplayer" claim here, even though I recall accounts where Phil Harrison has stated that not all games will necessarily be free for multiplayer- and this was not in reference to mmorpgs. I will post links if I can dig those up. Either way, truly free multiplayer for at least some games is a good feature.

I'm not sure if the web browsing is a pro or a con for me since I'm not interested in doing that on a console, but at least it's there, I suppose. I currently play x360 on an hd video projector, so browsing the internet on a 12ft+ screen isn't going to be pretty. But some people will certainly appreciate this feature.

The article suggests that you can't invite friends to join a game you're already playing, or request to join one that's in progress because the "dashboard" doesn't run as a separate layer like in xbLive. This also suggests that the voice chat only works if you are in the online menu or are playing the same game together. Here, I have to say xbLive has the edge- It's great to log in and see your friends are playing GRAW, send them a request to join, and then pop right in start talking sh!t about their mom or their sister.

I expect we'll learn more at the Sony press conference...

fjtorres6350d ago

The indication that it "won't take resources from the game" suggests that the multitasking isn't as smooth as on the 360. That is not unexpected because, with only one general-purpose core, the cell isn't as balanced as the Xenon CPU and the PS3 OS reportedly lacks the pre-configured helper threads that are standard on the 360.
The reason the 360 lets you call up the system pane inside the game is that it reserves certain threads that are always running for networking, communications, and system management. There are advantages to starting out with a fine-grained multi-threaded kernel as your OS.
I do welcome Sony's talk of doing media stuff from the PS3; if they actually deliver something in this area (taking it with a pound of salt, though) maybe that'll get MS to finally let the 360 loose to do all it can with media without artificial restrictions. The 360 would be a great media center unto itself if MS would simply let it.

Arkham6350d ago

Regarding reserve resources, many months ago there was a mention of a single Cell being reserved for the OS integration. So in effect devs only had 6/7 Cells to work with.

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kmis876350d ago

Everyone listen to this guy. He obviously knows what he's talking about just based on the intelligence and relevance of his post.

scriptkiddie6350d ago (Edited 6350d ago )

"subscription based MMO's"

are FREE on Xbox Live. Sonys network will probbly cost you more in the long run if you play a few.

So the PS3 Network is not really free.

kmis876350d ago

If they're free then they aren't really subscription based are they? For example, FFXI is playable on Live with only a silver account, but you still pay $12.95 a month to Square.

Could you do a little thinking or something before you make your next post? And people like you need to stop laming all the quality news articles, that goes to ps3 lamebots too.

andy capps6350d ago

to 2.2- You are incorrect, from the Xbox Live website: "Note: Silver level requires Xbox 360 storage device and broadband connection. Xbox Live Marketplace downloads and MMO games may require an additional fee." http://www.xbox.com/en-US/l...

to 1.1- Yes, I know and I mentioned that it was not demonstrated to them in gameplay. And yes they mention that those features are not in the current software, but it could easily be added later. Especially if enough demand is there, who knows, they may add prior to launch if the demand for it is high enough. Those are definitely some features that I would like. The other things that you've said we'll just have to wait and see, there were some great points in this article but it did still leave a lot of questions as far as to how it will perform in games, what capabilities you'll have in-game, etc.

PS360WII6350d ago

To bad P.S.U. will charge you 15 bucks to play on xbox live

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coxyefc6350d ago

If its as competent as Xbox Live and free, Sony will have done very well. Dont like the idea of having publishers running the online service for their games rather than Sony, just do what Microsoft do.

Capt CHAOS6349d ago

be what makes the PS3 online play more fun. Publishers will encourage users to run their servers to help reduce their cost, it might mean that the service online might not be as lag-free, but it does mean that you will get a much better server choice to connect to.

I really don't like the 360 approach where you can't select a server to play on..

DEIx15x86349d ago

Being a person that doesn't care about what is new and cool, i would rather play the games that i like. With the Xbox method i'm still able to go back and play my favorite game Midtown Madness 3 along with the other gamers that still come back to play it and that game came out back in June of 2003 while the EA games are on a private server and all of my Nascar games become useless after a year because they force me to upgrade. So in summary with the Xbox method you can play every game for ever and with the Playstation method you can play until the next game is released (roughly 1 year till they get shut off) and then i'm forced to go buy that one to continue playing online.

omansteveo6350d ago

Yeah your right ya know that post wasnt relevnt at all but until they show me then like i said it doesnt work...and the way it sounds right now doesnt look like its gonna get any better you have to do more than just make a deal with a company so i cant see whether my friends are on their PS3 or PC show me online that works 10 times better than it did on ps2 and ill stand corrected...bc we all remember E3 2000 when Sony said we would be browsing the internet and downloading music with our ps2's

kmis876350d ago

Did you read the article to see what eurogamer said the network was like? Anyways, you're right, none of us will know how it works until the 17th, or 11th if you're in Japan. Hopefully it'll be a high quality network in the style of Live, and it will be free like they said. Hopefully.

calidredz6350d ago

It actually sounds better than I expected, but if you read thoroughly u will have noticed. It does not mention voice while gaming and u can't read or listen to your messages while gaming. These features are critical to having a friends list in my opinion. I will be getting a ps3 sooner or later but it seems like later for now.