NPD data: PS3 outsold Xbox 360 in February, says Pachter

Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has told videogaming247 that his firm expects that PS3 outsold Xbox 360 in February, ahead of the release of NPD data on Thursday. PS3's lead over the Microsoft machine, Pachter reasoned, was due to continuing supply issues for Xbox 360.

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mighty_douche3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Is it only me who find's "supply issues" hard to believe?? 3 years into production.

Either way, with the price cut, i expect MS will see a good few months!

Marceles3966d ago

They're gonna keep saying that until they go back to outselling the PS3. Either that or they'll barely beat the PS3 and they'll say "we won and we STILL have supply issues, just wait until GTA4 comes out!" Yeah, we'll see what happens in April..

sonarus3966d ago

well everywhere i went i still saw 360's but i can't say they were in abundant supply. I never saw a store which said they were currently out of xbox360's however i do believe there were supply issues. Its more of msoft holding back consoles for one reason or the other though. Looks like npd is going to be close once again. LOL remember when ps3 was struggling to beat game boy advance. lol

marinelife93966d ago

I've also seen 360's but I mainly only shop at Best Buy so I can't comment on other stores and I wasn't really paying attention to 360's a month ago before they started claiming they were running short.

Maybe their having problems because they're planning a limited edition graffiti covered GTAIV SKU that doesn't include the game again.

Salvadore3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

The 360 has been out 3 years and for Microsoft to suddenly explain the reason as being "supplement issues" doesn't sound right.

TheTwelve3966d ago

Well, I usually look at the Amazon bestseller list to get a general view of market trends, and the PS3 is pwning 360 there.


darx3966d ago

I can't believe that the "supply issues" are that important to you?

Torch3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

"Is it only me who find's "supply issues" hard to believe??"

Oh, not at all sir:

The above sources state the machine as in stock and effortlessly available for purchase at the time of this writing...err, typing...including the <ahem> "Limited Edition" Halo and Elite I can't help but wonder that some other form underhanded MS tactic is amiss.

A desperate attempt to stir consumer awareness and demand, perhaps?

Regardless, I cry foul!!!

Guwapo773966d ago

+1 to you for taking the time to research the information. /salute

This is supply issue IMHO, should be taken with a grain of salt. Even on remote places like Guam they have plenty of 360's in stock. I'm sure this would be the one of the last places they would make them available if there was a supply shortage.

wow4u3966d ago

The Xbox 360 was first available in November, 2005 - and was not widely available until Q2 06.

AT *best* it is accurate to say 27 months. Not 36 months "3 years".

JoelR3966d ago

Nobody is talking about the fact that the 80 gig PS3 was also nowhere to be found.
Both the PS3 (upper model) and the X360 (upper Model) had supply constraints.

Megaton3966d ago

Amazon has the Core Arcade, standard 20gig, and Elite all in stock, and it's been that way for awhile. The only version in the top 100 is the 20gig, and it's currently at #67.

Genki3966d ago

to having supply issues this year...interesting.

LastDance3966d ago

Im thinking they arent doing a full restock until the new Skus are out instead of selling every1 a rod box.

CrazedFiend3965d ago

But this one says Xbox beat PS3 in February.

Why are we even wasting our time on this?

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doodle3966d ago

that PS3 outsold X360

so their statemments released earlier has no value now


PS3 --273000
x360 -- 272000

NOTE :- Simexchange is based on RANDOM USER predictions NOT CONCRETE DATA from retailers

power of Green 3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Enjoy it while it last. Crazy all these prediction post come out today.

doodle3966d ago

2008 is the last year for x360 in the market

this is they year when PS3 outsells GARBAGE TRASH 3 FIX ME in USA too by big margins

when MGS4 lands x360 wont exist in the market anymore

in eu that GARBAGE TRASH 3 FIX ME is already dead

ben hates you3966d ago

i really don't know what anyone cares about console sales

jadenkorri3966d ago

360 will be around even if the ps3 outsells the 360 every month.....I mean seriously sony murdered the N64 and GC which both barely survived and they came back with the Wii (which is outselling the ps3). Sony even killed off the xbox, but then they came back with the 360...If you can't admit the MS did good then you are an ignorant fanboy who should just stop posting, your just demeaning yourself saying ps3 is better...All consoles are great in their own way and what i find really annoying is people comparing the game graphics when their multi-platform and look at every little detail... And if game goes multi-platform that start on what...the company wants to make more money...can you blame like your boss walking up to you and giving you a raise and you say no.

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You bought an Xbox3966d ago

New ? !!!!!
This is the trend now for PS3 sale's
To be kicking the Crap outa the KaKBox week in and week out
Get used to it

Xbots Suck

mighty_douche3966d ago

Why do you do what you do?

Kaz Hirai3966d ago

Sometimes I pity the PIGS- they were deceived by Nazisoft's FILTHY lies and bought an absolute TRAVESTY of a "console"!
And do you know what I do next, you MEAT-HEADED PIGS?
I laugh!


iAmPS33966d ago

Kaz you have the best comments!!! Keep it up.

mirroredderorrim3965d ago

I love you Kaz. But you fear Godfather Kuturagi. Admit it.

Teijo3965d ago

keep it up Kaz
Sony will dominate next gen just like they did last gen.

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meepmoopmeep3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

and the supply issues
it's probable but very unlikely or else there would have been news about the manufacturing companies falling behind or having issues producing them well before making a statement to the public.