PS3 "will kill 360 in Japan" by year-end, says Pachter

Speaking to videogaming247, Michael Pachter has predicted that rising PS3 sales will see off Xbox 360 completely in Japan by the end of 2008, and that the Sony console will be outselling the Microsoft machine by "20-40%" in the same time-frame.

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mighty_douche3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )


Cheers mate, can't get the link at work and going off caption : ( sorry!

marinelife93965d ago

Actually the quote is that the PS3 will outsell the 360 in Europe by 20-40%.

TheTwelve3965d ago

Why can't I get paid and be called a professional for making such obvious statements?


blacsheep3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

someones pi$$ed of mr pachter today,all these predictions and strong words such as 'kill'

but getting paid to state the obvious is mr pachter which anyone into games can do, its making real predictions where he has came up wrong many many times,because his predictions at the start of this gen were all wrong, 360 did do well, the ps3 didnt take off straight away and the wii didnt flop in sales!

sonarus3965d ago

well xbox doesn't have a soul in JP and msoft needs to take drastic steps to secure victory in EU. Their biggest hope is GTA4 at this point but unfortunately GTA4 is going to be selling X360's as well as PS3's. Funny how msoft strongly snatched dibs on GTA4 like it was exclusive. Even more funny why sony isn't doing anything about it. WTF sony you been in the game for over 10yrs where is your counter

danarc3965d ago


2008 is their counter :P

Kleptic3964d ago

I agree with all of you...MS is running around shouting about GTAIV like they have it entirely to themselves...they have some 'exclusive' content eventually...but both games will be identical on the ship date...and the PS3 is being rumored to get its own DLC eventually as well...

It doesn't matter...If you want to play GTAIV and MGS4 about 5 weeks have to buy a PS3...That in itself is a far greater selling point for the PS3 than some content that won't be released until fall...It is very surprising how many people are just denying what the PS3 has in 2008...the 360 is definitely better off than it was with Gears 2 coming this year...but its hardly in 'great shape'...

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Kaz Hirai3965d ago

The 360 will be banished to where it rightly belongs- in the darkest pits of HELL to ROT along with the N64, Sega Saturn, Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast!

You bought the wrong console, 360's a dud,
The Sony Soldiers are coming for your blood!


The Warmonger3965d ago

Your comments are hilarious! rofl

Even your avatar is mocking the "pigs"

The 360 will be banished to darkest pits of HELL to forever RRoD.

Stubacca3965d ago

I love your posts too man!

The PS3 owns 2008. Sony Soldiers can put down their weapons and just laugh at the poor sods that bought other consoles. Cheap idiots.

The Killer3965d ago

because the xtards took it away from kaz, to silence him!! i already gave him one!

zapass3965d ago

we must bubble++ each other to counter the army of xbots who get so deliciously offended by the truth.

cuz as we all know, the truth has a definite ps3 bias.

chewjya3965d ago

LMFAO...You never cease to amaze me King Kaz... Keep up with yr witty insights... Bubbles for you!

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The Wood3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

MS has 1 base and sony has 2. The longer it stays like that the easier it is to see who the winner will be.


crap at maths, logic or both???

miked8083965d ago

It doen't affect me in any way what happens in Japan. It doesn't affect me who sells the most systems. The good Software companys will continue to release games on the XBOX so once again I ask why should anyone care?

heyheyhey3965d ago

it's all connected actually

if the 360 doesn't sell hardware, then more and more software companies will consider abandoning it

so yes you should care about 360 hardware- because it translates into software

The Wood3965d ago

thought MS wanted to cater to East Asia and its gamers for fun.

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green3965d ago

Michael Pachter is on an obvious prediction role today.I would seriously like his job.

The Wood3965d ago

getting paid to guess things huh. What a life.

marinelife93965d ago

Green I think you would do better at it than he does. He admitted that he basically throws educated guesses up against a wall to see what sticks.

The Wood3965d ago

nothing happens to him when he gets it wrong. Great gig if you can get it

travelguy2k3965d ago

Predicts a 20% increase in 360 sales because of the price drop and he predicts a 20%-40% increase in sales over the 360 by the end of the year.

All in all he is predicting great things for the PS3.

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