Sony PS3 to outsell Xbox 360, Wii: Japan publisher

Sony Corp may fall behind rivals in the initial phase of the next-generation game console race, but is likely to grab the top spot eventually, Japan's top video game magazine publisher, Enterbrain, said on Friday.

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OutLaw6262d ago

But lets be real here, this is from a Japan publisher and to say that the PS3 will stay competitive even when a game console battle breaks out among a newer generation of machines in 2010 is looking too far ahead.

Sony owes alot of money to banks and right now isn't financially stable. So lets just take it one step at a time here.

Watapata6262d ago

Sony does owe a fair amount of money, but in reality a lot of companies do, Sony is in absolutely no immediate danger as a company. They are only in danger if this trend continues unabated, which in my opinion is highly unlikely considering the lion's share of the debt is caused by PS3 preduction and costs for that are going to start coming down for that shortly (whether or not that cost reduction is passed on to the consumer)

eques judicii6262d ago

i thought the xbox 360 had "life" like graphics as well? i don't think the ps3 has "overwhelmingly" better graphics and so the lifespans should be on par with each other

omansteveo6262d ago

Hey Mart whats up, i was a work (Gamestop)and we got a flyer in our marketing that said we were doing a Gears of War sneek peek after we close on the 21st so be there or be square im not sure all gamestops are doing it or what but its worth lookin into im gonna be there

OutLaw6262d ago

I hope you don't mind me asking but do you work here in New York?

TheMART6262d ago

omansteveo DAMN I wish I could visit ya. There is no gamestop close to where I live in Europe too bad! But I know some people in NYC although they're not actually gamers. But I'll force them to go and watch it just for me :)

NICE! I'll just have to wait on my pre-order on 17 november. It'll be worth the waiting though!

joemutt6262d ago

I would like to go see it too!

I have a gamestop just down the road, I owe about 10 more dollars on my copy of Gears of War.

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PS3 Owns All6262d ago

if u don't stop I will reduce ur bubble to 1 left. So enough with ur BS. PS3 will outsell the Wii and will way too easily outsell the 360.

TheMART6262d ago

Try to discuss on facts mate, and I must say to you: try to support the site in getting good content to it besides shouting you're taking bubbles of people.

You just can't handle the fact this is a Japanese software house, probably Sony's handpuppet that talks what Sony would like to hear.

Independent researchers are more to believe. They say at least it will be a draw between the three. But the more Sony delays and can't deliver, the more terrain Wii60 will win ground.

And I don't know who you are threatening about what exactly, but the mod's read the posts you will give a spam sign. If they don't think it's right you say it's something like that, they will cut your bubbles. And with a name like yours they should do that instantly actually

Anerythristic266262d ago

As far as I can tell he is staying on topic with a counter point. You are also making threats you can't keep.

To the Mods , this has become ridiculous! I would like you to review alot of the posts done by the admitted PS3 fans on this site , it is bordering on zealotry! If there is a counterpoint made about the PS3 instead of discussing it they make threats and attempt to stonewall freedom of expression. 75% of thier posts are not NEWS but OPINION. Does anyone know how to get intouch directly with a moderator. I am starting to understand that a small PS3 group seems to be in the 13 -15 year old range but the examples I have of threats and namecalling if anyone disagrees with the PS3 dominance and stature in the market is overwhelming.

Anerythristic266262d ago

I am quite serious and completley understand there are people on both sides of the fence that do the same thing but alot of the PS3 crowd I can name names are taking it to far. If somebody makes a counterpoint to an article based on an OPINION , I have seen examples where the persons mother's good name is dragged though the mud ! Or thier sexual orientation is questioned in a vulgar and bigotted manor. I would do the same thing if it was people that are obviously supporting the 360 but it really isn't. I'll name names when I e mail the mod with examples. Sorry for the rant ... I feel it was a must. The younger members either need a stern talking to.

Watapata6262d ago

@ PS3 Owns All

His post earlier was more than fair game, though it isn't precisely on topic, so your pretext of it being BS is, well, BS.


You DO jump to conclusions every time ANYONE says something good about the PS3. If you review your posts, I'm sure you'll notice this. Sometimes you are right to be skeptical, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Just because this is a Japanese publisher, doesn't mean that they can't be honest as to how they see it. The fact of the matter is that there's not enough information here to condemn the publisher on its opinion. In addition, the analysts (whether independent or not) usually say it will be a draw or the PS3 by a slight margin, thats hardly the picture you just painted. For the most part, I agree with the rest of what you said, though I don't think anyone should lose bubbles due to their name.

@ Anerythristic26

Its not entirely on topic, nor is it a counterpoint to the initial line. Its an attempt at disproving the article yes, but it isn'[t a counterpoint to the thesis behind the article. As far as your plea to mods is concerned, if you want them to review PS3 fan posts, they should likewise review 360 fan posts. Both sides often go past that line to zealotry, and I'd say the percentage is roughly equal at that. Essentially every posdt by everyone on this site is opinion as well, the danger is when people don't treat it as such and start believing they are facts when they aren't. Essentially every post on this thread alone is opinion and not really grounded in fact. The problem is that for the most part this industry is fairly subjective. Also, you are not making yourself out to be any better than the PS3 fans you profess to have issues with as you are stooping to a similar level in your rational behind age and such. This has gone on and on over both sides of this issue and frankly, it will never be resolved, just like it wasn't in the last generation. Don't presume to be immune to it yourself either. There is not one person on this site that is truly unbias. I'm an admitted PS3 fan, but I like to think that I don't show the typical traits of a fanboy. You appear, at least to my eyes, to be at least slightly bias towards the 360. I'm sure you've made at least a post or two that left someone in your situation on the opposite side of the battle fence, shaking his head. Also, freedom of expression is guaranteed in the USA, but not necessarilly anywhere else, and certainly not an any internet forum, a sorry fact of life that it...

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omansteveo6262d ago

No i sure dont im in Missouri

OutLaw6262d ago

It's just you seem like a cool dude. I thought maybe I knew you from the Gamestops here in New York.

Thanks for the response.

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