Santa Monica Studios clarifies its involvement with The Last Guardian

EuroGamer: "Sony's Santa Monica Studio has clarified its involvement with The Last Guardian and distanced itself from the heavily delayed PlayStation game, after reports early last year suggested the God of War developer was helping out on the title."

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Knight_Crawler4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

"Sony's Santa Monica Studio has clarified its involvement with The Last Guardian and distanced itself from the heavily delayed PlayStation game"

I do not blame them for not wanting to be associated with TLG...sure its full of promises and the concept is brilliant but ICO pulled a Peter Molenaux - the only difference is that Japanese developers have pride and integrity so they wont release a game that does not meet what they promised - Peter on the other hand does not give a crap because he knows Fables has a fanbase and they will buy the game regardless.

No developer want to be labeled as the people who promised Duke Nukem, Agent, FF Versus and Half Life but could not deliver and when the did the game took too long and excitement level was not the same.

GalacticEmpire4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Nice spin, you make it sound like Santa monica would be ashamed to work on the Last Guardian. This of course is utter crap, as is your assumption that the game is somehow not meeting promises that you imagined up.

Yeah it's taking a while to be released and it's had trouble in development but if you take a look at the pedigree of the studio you would know the masterworks that have preceded it.

They can take all the time they want as long as the game measures up to the incredible standard that they themselves have set. Very excited to see what Sony have at E3 for us and this could very well be there.

kyzer19784137d ago

I wouldn't be so sure. Look what happened with Gran Turismo 5.

andibandit4137d ago


"They can take all the time they want as long as the game measures up to the incredible standard that they themselves have set"

Even if they produced their best result yet, the game has been in the making for sooooo many years, it's almost impossible to live up that those years of anticipation.

And lets not pretend that Code is like fine wine, that only gets better as the years pass by.

DigitalRaptor4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

They've not promised anything but their publisher setting a release date that they couldn't meet. Comparing a bunch of promises about gameplay features to a game not coming out is stupid. Very stupid.

SilentNegotiator4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

You just turned long dev time into "pulling a Molyneux"? GTFO, troll.

A delayed game to meet promises/expectations is NOOOOOOOT "pulling a Molyneux"! That's the mother loving opposite!

panbit864138d ago

To be totally honest i think it is wise to give the developers all the time they need to make the best possible game. And this is why i love Sony! They want the developers to be happy and get out the the game they imagined exactly how they want it! Another example is Resistance 3. When Insomniac asked for more time they gave it and in the end they made the best game of the franchise! There are so many more games to keep us busy... they'll come when it's their time! Also SSM should focus on God of war 4 and their new IP!!!!

Chaos_Raiden4138d ago

At least we know that the game is not dead yet. Really can't wait to play this when it is released.

esemce4138d ago

The game can't be dead as they must have spent so much time/money on it already it has to come out, Just a matter of when and for PS3 or PS4.

BlaqMagiq244138d ago

I'm not surprised they're not involved. SSM will always be a talented studio but this isn't their IP. I'm sure they have their own projects to work on. Leave this baby to Ueda and his team. I'm sure they know what they're doing.

ajax174138d ago

If they don't have something to show @ E3 I'll just die! :'(

Muffins12234138d ago

They have to,this game looks like a master piece.Would be a very stupid move not to have this as a ps4 launch title.

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Sony Santa Monica Studio Seemingly Hiring for New God of War Game

As spotted by Portuguese site Geekinout, the PlayStation Studios developer is currently hiring for a number of key positions, including a lead audio designer, lead narrative animator, a systems design producer, a senior animation programmer, a senior character artist, a senior narrative designer, and, most notably in this case, a senior technical combat designer.

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ROCKY2896d ago

we want a new wipEout racing game !

StormSnooper96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

They are working on another project as well which is ahead of this. But I definitely don’t want it to be wipeout. I loved those but wipeout would not be a AAA. SSM is too talented not to make something epic.

purple10196d ago

who would downvote a new wipeout, - people these days, no respect

ROCKY2896d ago

must be lil kids that would downvote a new wipEout racing game as they only know Fortnite and COD 😂

Crows9096d ago

It's a younger audience on the web. Some may never have really played it...many in fact.

jznrpg96d ago

I’ll a take a new Wipeout. I wonder who they would have make it though if it did happen

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isarai96d ago

When are they gonna do something else man 😒