IGN: LEGO Indiana Jones Preview and Screens

Katie Price and Peter Andre, the internet and porn, rice and peas: some things were just meant to be. So it was with LEGO and Star Wars, combining first to introduce a line of must-have toys, then going on to produce some of the most broadly accessible and utterly charming games of recent times. Despite primarily gunning for the younger gamer, LEGO Star Wars had the power to transport even the most world-weary back to the first time they sat slack-jawed in front of George Lucas's opus. Now, with the LEGO series exploring Indiana Jones territory, IGN accepted an invite to series developer Traveller's Tales for a look at the new game, producer Nick Ricks acting as their guide.

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brocool3964d ago

This better be more challenging and less repetitive than that stupid lego star wars game.. worst 50$ I ever spent

Mr_Kuwabara3964d ago

Doctor Jones Doctor Jones!!