Official Assassin's Creed site launched

Ubisoft launched the official website for Assassin's Creed today. The site sports screenshots, trailers, a fansite kit, concept art, developer diaries, wallpapers and more.

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Tut5898d ago

I am so excited for this game. There isn't much else I can say about it. Wow... maybe?


chappy5898d ago

i agree this is game is looking stunning

The_Firestarter5897d ago

...honestly, who's the person that says everything with the ps3 news is lame!? Anybody can look through the news and have maybe 5 or 9 cools and there's ALWAYS one lame. And if you go into the Xbox 360 news site, there can be an article with 12 cools, but no lames. I smell a fanboy; I just think it's uber-immature. So my point it, why doesn't the admin give'em 1 speech bubble? If anything I wouldn't doubt the admin are 360 fanboys, themselves. And if they give ME one speech bubble, I wouldn't care at all. I don't even leave that many comments anyways. XD

TheXgamerLive5896d ago (Edited 5896d ago )

This is ps3, and Xbox 360 both.
Didn't you see the article heading?
In fact if you check by clicking on who voted , the lame vote was by a ps3 fan, called "highps3."
This is just someone who isn't an Assasin's Creed fan, I'm guessing.
Nothing to get your panty's in a wad for.

no_more_heroes5897d ago

Notice how there just aren't that many post on AC articles anymore? I wonder why? :)