Project Origin new screenshots

Some new screenshots, the game looks great.

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mighty_douche3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

This is going to be great, no FPS invoked the feeling of fear like the original (guess that's why they called it fear lol).

Admittedly the graphics aren't ground breaking, but that's kind of good, as a descend PC shouldn't have to much trouble and the console ports shouldn't suffer to bad.

Oh, and you know the AI is going to be top notch!

One thing though, hope there's a little more variety in the enemies.

Kleptic3966d ago

I totally agree...FEAR is over all one of the best single player FPS experience I have ever played...I honestly enjoyed it more than HL2 the first time, which is definitely saying something...

Its a shame the PS3 recieved such a crap port of the first game...That may have resulted in a lot of PS3 owners never playing it...I would recommend anyone to rent it, its in a league of its own in terms of action/horror games...

the way the games screws with you at times is totally awesome...the little girl, and ever worse...the 15-20 minute sections without anything happening (that anticipation of thinking something woudl happen, and then having nothing...made me crazy)...and still has some of the best AI in a game to date...if they give the game some better environments, and more variety...Project Origin should be awesome...

NRG3966d ago

"as a descend PC shouldn't have to much trouble and the console ports shouldn't suffer to bad. "
Even though it came for PC first, it was almost he other way around. I tried the 360 version and it seemed to run great, where even computers today struggle to play the game at high resolutions with any anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering applied. That's a bit of a shame considering the graphics engine is starting to show it's age a bit. The ratio of graphics, to performance to computer speed was never that great in FEAR. Project Origin looks like it's shaping up pretty nicely at the least.

mighty_douche3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )
Great gameplay video for anyone whos interested, quite old but still worth a look.

BludoTheSmelly3966d ago

Hopefully the mp is more beefier and the environments not just mainly offices.

tony3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

claymores and c-4s. at least on multiplayer.

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