Gamedaily: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Gamedaily writes: Want to play a first-person shooter with a political twist? It sounds silly, but THQ's Frontlines: Fuel of War pulls it off. The game takes place a few years into the future, with two armies battling for control over remaining oil resources. China's teamed up with the former Soviet Union to create the Red Star Alliance, while the remaining countries (including the U.S.) combine their forces to fight back as the Western Coalition. Don't expect the game to go overboard on headlining issues, however – it's all about the action here.

Frontlines' presentation doesn't go overboard, but it fits the bill. The graphics are a few steps down from the bar-setting Call of Duty 4, but they still look very good. The lighting in particular is paid great attention to, along with smoke effects and explosions. The animation is fairly smooth and the Middle Eastern maps spread out to a great distance. The game stalls from time to time with frame rate problems, but not enough to make you lose your thirst for combat. The audio seriously draws you in, with great background music, brief but strongly acted voice snippets and riveting weapon effects.

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