Analysts cautious of new Xbox 360 pricing

Purchasing decisions not just about cost, say experts

Microsoft may have cut the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe, but analysts remains cautious that the console has yet to prove popular with an audience outside of the dedicated core gamer.

Although he agreed that an immediate boost in sales was likely, Screen Digest's Ed Barton argued that pricing is only one factor and consumers can be swayed more by brand appeal than value for money.

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DarkSniper3971d ago

Playstation has a staying power that is unrivaled by no other company. Nintendo being the only exception. When someone thinks of XBOX, they laugh and ridicule the system for being the garbage failure that it is. PLAYSTATION® 3 is the undeniable choice for each gamer worldwide.


DiLeCtioN3971d ago

PLAYSTATION® has ruled for a long time Sony knows what they are doing but if you're like me you will buy all 3..well i havent bought the 360 yet but i will for GEARS 2.

ukilnme3971d ago

@ DarkSniper

I couldn't be happier as a PSWii60 owner. Sony is great but they are not the only game in town now. Get over it.

P.S. It is a good thing that you can type because you are choking on Sony's ballz.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Daz3971d ago

Thats so true. Thats all is does know.

doodle3971d ago

You dont have a PS3 .

dont pretend that you are having one XBUG

No one is willing to purchase an x360 anymore

Wait for the NPD DATA on 13 March,2008 rather than blindly speculating on VGCHARTS/SIMEXCHANGE predictions

ukilnme3970d ago

I indeed have a PS3. I don't come on this site and spread lies like a lot on here do. Add my gamer tag if you wish. I will even send you a fresh picture giving you the bird while holding up your N4G ID if you wish.

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ukilnme3971d ago

I think the value is great for the price. I feel the same about the PS3 and Wii as well. It is never too late to Jump In and Play Beyond with your Wii.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

DiLeCtioN3971d ago

ill be picking GEARS 2 and many PS3 Wii games tis yr

PimpHandStrong3971d ago

for the real gamer is not found in the Arcade.

The pro on the other hand is a fine deal

PimpHandStrong3971d ago

if i can get a 360 for under 300bucks it will be hard to say no

Valin3971d ago

......That only 50% of PS3 owners use their HD functionality. Average consumers are generally extremely price conscious and mostly don't know about the product their buyings actual function. Like we on n4g are educated buyers the majority of consumers are not, they look at a price tag and say " Games console they all do the same thing but that one is Half the Price of that one." They don't care they just look at the price tag and pick it up.

meepmoopmeep3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

although your point makes sense you do realize that 360 has always been cheaper than the PS3 and yet the PS3 has always outsold the 360 in Europe.

AceLuby3971d ago

Where did you come up w/ the 50% number? How would anyone even know unless Sony released it based on reading the output type of gamers that are online, which still isn't everyone.

meepmoopmeep3971d ago

you're right about the conscious consumer looking at both consoles and their price but that also means they will also see that the ps3 also comes with a built-in blu-ray player. and so they will see that the price is actually of better value.

and i agree with the above post. i'd like to see a link about your 50% statement.

wallace10003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Here is a link about people not knowing it has a blu-ray player in it.

Here is a better one that also has xbox 360 stuff in it.

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