Peter Moore Hits Back At Fanboys & EA Haters

The former Vice-President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business and now the head of EA's Sport Division made a guest appearance on Major Nelsons podcast recently, where he gave a rather frank and refreshing interview. Peter clearly still is aware of the gaming community and its dynamics as he speaks of those who protest "EA sucks", and "I hate Xbox" - the "fanboys who allign themselves with other platforms". Is that a reference to the PlayStation politicians? Or is Peter just tired of fanboys and their unfair attacks? Listen to this interesting interview.

1hour, 17minutes and 30seconds into the podcast is where it all starts.

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Meus Renaissance3963d ago

For some reason, Peter is just easy to listen to. It doesn't mean you automatically agree with what he says, but its hard to ignore the man. But with his frustration at the perception of EA and Microsoft, you would have thought he spends alot of time on N4G.

Maybe he does....da da dum!

TheExecutive3963d ago

Well maybe if they actually made an effort to make Madden a better game people wouldnt hate it so much. They should be making football games that look better than MLB:08 but they arent because they dont have to. Madden games look like crap, they dont play the best and they need an overhaul and bad. I think they are using the same lighting engine from last generation.

BeaArthur3963d ago

For me it's more of an issue with everything other than sports and racing games. It seems that every game EA makes other than racing or sports games is average at best. I think people are also put off by their hostile takeover attempts. Personally though I don't care; if the game is good I buy it, if it's not I may rent it or just steer clear all together. I have no developer prejudices.

sonarus3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

any perception of microsoft is very fair. They released a console with terrible failure rates and swept it under the rug for a long time before it became too much for them to bare. Besides i will say the perception of xbox in the US is still to their favor outside of US is a different story.

As for EA, make higher quality games and stop ripping us off by charging yearly roster updates at 60 dollars

marinelife93963d ago

Peter Moore is an unprofessional executive.

1. Facial hair - big no no in corporate. You'll notice most execs are clean shaven (Like all Sony execs). Facial hair psychologically puts out the vibe you have something to hide and could be untrustworthy. Look at pictures of Peter Moore does he look like someone you could trust? Fake Tattoos? He comes off as a guy who has an identity crisis and wishes to be 22 again. Be a professional while representing your company.

2. Directly criticizing the competition - He did this extensively at Microsoft. It puts off the vibe that you aren't secure in your own product offering and that you are afraid of your competition.

Peter Moore on the Japanese market

"Well our internal plans are that we would fail miserably in Japan getting outsold 36:1 to the Wii, but you know what we have met that plan. Sony on the other hand is thought they were going to sell much better so they fail once again to meet expectations since they get outsold 6:1."
He added, "I built a business plan [for Japan], but I don't think my expectations in Japan were anything close to what Sony's expectations are. They are failing. They're missing their plan by much more than I'm missing my plan."

3. Complaining about Fanboys - If you know that your product is quality then you won't stoop to criticizing consumers (fanboys) who are criticizing your product. You would stand by your product and continue to release high grade material in the future.

Wicked Sick3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Trying to improve your products by putting more money and effort into the games and not throwing cash around and buying everyone out.

Your company is notorious for poor quality especially when it comes to sports games.

But instead you complain about fanboys...

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Daver3963d ago

People complain because they are consumers and they are not happy with what the company EA offer.. so yes they are right to say "EA suck" because they do from a lot of point of view

Its not Ea who can tell us that they are sick of hearing about how they suck... Thats a sign that says :

"Hey WAKE UP, consumers are not happy with what we do...hmm what can do to change that and improve us as a company"

TheExecutive3963d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself.

fenderputty3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Consumers that complain about EA aren't your average casual gamers. People that fall into the casual gamer category don't give two sh1ts about how innovative Madden is. I'm sure EA knows the hardcore gamers are a little upset about what they produce but, they don't care because the casuals lap up their crap without any idea what a drop in frame rate even looks like.

jlytle12343963d ago

he acts like EA has not done anything to deserve its reputation

Lotto3963d ago

Yeah I noticed that also. Kinda pisses me off

fenderputty3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

They don't care. Their reputation is only negative within a small group of hardcore gamers. Casual gamers eat up all their crap regardless of the port, framerate drops or horrid camera controls. Until EA notices a decline in sales, nothing will be noticed or fixed.

titntin3963d ago

Unless you've been living under a shell you will have seen that EA's slice of the market is indeed falling and they are now getting beat in terms of sales revenues. This is a concern for them.

Having worked for them. I can attest that their reputation for slovenly ports and non invention is more than deserved.

The Killer3963d ago

screw 360
screw EA
screw MS
screw g,bush
screw hilary clinton
screw cheaters
screw war
screw sony haters
screw ps3 haters


I agree with the screwing of the NWO pigs and fake war in Iraq, but not about the 360 stuff.

zapass3963d ago

I agree with all of them bro.

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