Pocket-lint: Logic3 PS3 Speakers Review

So where do these speakers really fit in? They don't replace a home cinema setup, but they are better than a standard TV. In reality, the SoundStation3 will probably be most at home in a bedroom where the PS3 acts as a media centre, playing movies, music and gaming. The music option is worthy of note, because once you are playing a CD and the PS3 has retrieved the info from the Internet to display on-screen, it's a great party setup.

At £69.99, this is cheaper and simpler than a home cinema system, delivers good sound with a reassuring boost to the bass. However, when paired with a larger TV with quality speakers, it really is only the bass that you are paying for, and for Pocket-lint, that isn't quite enough.

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mighty_douche3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I've actually seen (and heard) these in the flesh, and the reviewer is pretty spot on, they'll never replace a decend home cinema set-up, but at their price point they're not trying to.

They look sleek and well made and provide "good enough" sound quality (much cleaner than most HDTV speakers), to be honest i think these will sell purely because of the styling.

AlterEgo3971d ago

this article is pretty dead comment-wise but I hope someone can help.

I have a PS3 hooked up via HDMI.... but HOW do I add a surround sound system?

I used to have a 5.1 DD setup hooked up to my Sony 5-Disc DVD changer, but all the cables were hooked up to back of the DVD player.

I really want to buy a new setup but I'm totally unsure how to hook it up to take full advantage of the PS3 and the system.

(I'll wait...because the true reason I need this info is for MGS4 :) )

Rice3971d ago

this is what i do... connect ur ps3(the av multi outlet thing) to ur sony system w/e with the cables that was supplied with the ps3... so u would have ur hdmi cable connected to ur tv and the video cables to ur sound system( be sure to use only the red and white cables and connect it to the auxilliary unit at the back of the sony sound sysem )... So turn on ur ps3 go to settings, and then go to sounds settings then click on audio output settings and choose audio input connector then enter...

if ur having any problems just pm me or w/e... i hope this helped you

AlterEgo3971d ago

i didn't know that would work. i never remembered you can change the audio settings in the system to go to different cables.

here's a bubble

Freemen3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

These speakers are horrendous for the price. Get yourself 2 sets of these babies and you are way better off.

20watts rms vs 200watts rms, iknow what i'd choose. I already have.

kewlkat0073971d ago

will you blame Sony if that PS3 takes a fall up there?

I'm upgrading my receiver soon but I need a better surround sound package.