Strategy Analytics Says Pressures on Sony's PS3

Strategy Analytics Inc., a large industry analytics group headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, S. Korea and China, has released a report based on the new price cuts taking effect for the Xbox 360 in Europe. The group is quoted as saying "the pressure is on Sony now".

"Sony will be nervous that the PS3's recent sales surge may fizzle out now that the premium Xbox 360 undercuts the PS3 by £40, and the cheapest Xbox model is almost half the price of a PS3," says David Mercer, Principal Analyst...

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fenderputty3965d ago

MORE SONY! Seruiously ... just do it and steal any thurnder the 360 could gain from this. Then ... drop the prices in America again too.

vgn243965d ago

What can Microsoft say about their machine if Sony drops the price of the PS3? There would be no contest. MS is desperate and trying to move some systems before GTA IV. Last ditch effort.

If Sony drops their price. It's over.

TheTwelve3965d ago

Keep the pressure on Sony! Make them give us their very best!!!


BLaZiN PRopHeT3965d ago

so MS drops the price its a last ditch effort but sony drops the price twice within a couple months and its what? a good business move? man the people on this site are so biased its crazy.

fenderputty3965d ago

bad business move at all though. I just think Sony should follow suit. All price drops are geared towards getting the player to levels the casual consumer feel good about. MS doing this puts presure on Sony to do the same.

Want I really want is for BOTH consoles to come down in price so the Wii starts selling less. lol

kewlkat0073965d ago

no way your new to N4G, but yeah that's how it goes around here. MS's (business/strategy) moves are always last ditch efforts, and others are praised ("The greatest Business Moves")with the same strategies.

Competition is good, as I always say.

The delusional and the blinded can't see the benefits.

Maybe they already have their console of choice and forgets there are other gamers, still waiting to buy. Thanks to the "Competition" for these Early Price-Cuts, as well as affordable and sometimes watered down SKU's..

MS price-cuts, whatever it may be is good for new Owners, Not me. A lot of Hoopla today about price-cuts. Only on N4G "Price-Cuts" are downplayed...haha

NO_PUDding3965d ago

No, Sony needs to hold out.

And not only that no doubt they will.

This is a white flag in terms of the 360. This is pretty much signifying the end, they are giving up very slowly. Their business objective is to sell Gears of War 2 later on in the year to ensure continued support of the developer, and yet that will be the last of it.

PS3 can afford to keep it's price up, the shortages being over didn't really attribute much to the 360's sales these past weeks, and PS3 is clearly flashing some msucle. Dropping price now would work for sales no doubt, but would also damage them when 2 must-have titles are so close to release (GTA 4 and MGS4).

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mighty_douche3965d ago

I think to much emphasis is placed on price. I can only speak for myself obviously, but when i buy anything (from tech to carrots) i never buy the cheapest option, if anything im scared by it.

Captain Tuttle3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

But we're looking at a global recession and consumer spending is going to continue slow down. Oil just hit $107/barrel and prices on everything are going to continue to rise. People don't have as much spending money as they did a year ago.

pwnsause3965d ago

PS3 has more bang for your buck but Im gonna have to agree that they have to cut the price on the console soon, say about the $300 to $400 dollar range.

Rice3965d ago

Lets bring the 200 dollar price cut...

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