SOE President Refutes Microsoft blogger Ozymandias

Sony Online's president John Smedley has posted a response to Microsoft blogger Ozymandias comments on the PS3's Network Platform.

"I came across a Microsoft blogger this morning that had some thoughts on our just announced deal with Xfire

There is some bad information in there that I'll get to in a sec, but it was interesting to me because it highlights some pretty core differences in the approach that the Playstation folks have taken.

From the very beginning the team at Sony Computer Entertainment has always had a very open view of the the networked Playstation 3. This is showcased in our game Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. We've been able to integrate Xfire's new PS3 API into the game very easily (I should also point out that this API is absolutely free… no clue where Ozymandias got that info but it's just plain wrong). What this is going to do is allow an already huge network of online gamers on the PC continue to track their Xfire friends already as they play our (and other games in the future) PS3 game.

This is not a replacement for the PS3 friends list.

This is something over and above that. In this day and age many people are members of different communities. For example, I belong to a Battlefield 2 team and a guild for MMO's. The two are very different and I enjoy them both. Since people spend their time multi-tasking and switching between their computers and consoles, it just seems to make a lot of sense to me that it's inevitable that people are going to be a part of many different communities.

This open approach that allows licensed middleware providers to put hooks in PS3 games (assuming that's what the publisher wants to do) really opens a lot of doors that a more closed approach just wouldn't allow.

To me that's just plain common sense.

Online console games are going to be huge. They're growing at an extremely rapid rate and we already have several MMO's in development for the PS3 that are cross platform with the PC. We're working on cool new ways to allow people to communicate (online keyboard interfaces, voice-to-text and other ideas). The power of the PS3 is going to allow us to bring a lot of computing power to bear on the challenges of communicating with other players. To me the idea of an online universe of gamers as large as 100 Million or more is really exciting and is going to end up really allowing all kinds of awesome games."

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andy capps5897d ago

Looks like Ozymandia got owned. Ouch, good blog. I've added it to my bookmarks.

Boink5897d ago

see if sony would actually give some people an idea as to what they are doing online(some developers would love the info too), then they could avoid people coming to conclusions about what they are doing.

is what he is saying true? I hope so, this is what MS has been doing with live, and is part of their plans from the getgo(the whole live anywhere thing, integrating pc and console, cellphone, etc...). Just we have actually seen it from MS, whereas sony is still jsut talking.

Scythesean5897d ago

SOE President "Pimp Slaps" Microsoft Blogger!

Balance5897d ago

in relation to the xfire stuff i understand that the Api might be free but xfire is not going to let ps3 users on their network for free, that doesn't make sense. i would think ps3 users would have sign up for an xfire account. the only way i could see it being free was if the game developer was paying xfire for the games to connect that would come from the price of the game?

VirtualGamer5897d ago

Since its free for PC gamers not sure why you think it would cost money for PS3 users. Currently Xfire has over 5 million registered users you can check it out here.

Here is abit about Xfire.

* What is Xfire?

Xfire is a free gaming tool that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing PC games online and lets their friends join them easily. It doesn't matter which online game your friends are playing, which server browser they are using, or which gaming service they're playing on; Xfire is intelligent enough to recognize where your friends are at any time.

* How can I get Xfire?

You've come to the right place! Download Xfire at the Download section of this website. Xfire is a free tool, with a small download which requires a simple installation.

* Is Xfire really free? What's the catch?

Xfire is completely free. Xfire is supported by leading sponsors in the gaming industry, and brings relevant advertising messages to you. But rest easy; we do not sell, exchange, or share any user information with anyone. If you need further clarification on how we handle user information, read our privacy policy.

boink - Yes I agree that it would be nice if Sony said more about their Online service for the PS3. However since no one can actually use it and the fact that no matter what they say people will say BS, why bother? Add to this that the PS3 will sell out without any more info on the network for the PS3 there is no rush. We will all see what the PS3 network is all about next month or maybe even sooner.

Islandkiwi5897d ago

Oz wasn't saying the PS3 customers had to pay for it, he was saying Sony & developers have to pay for it.

VirtualGamer5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

Here is what Ozymandia said...

"Another challenge is that Xfire is now effectively middleware - and that's not free. Had Sony purchased and integrated Xfire into their SDK I could see the effective cost of integration being "free" to publishers. Now, unfortunately, each and every publisher has to look at their budget and decide whether adding a second online service/friends list/presence is worth it. I have no idea what Xfire's licensing costs are, but whatever it is, it's not free - Sony lost that opportunity. And that means publishers have to decide whether to spend extra dollars, effort, and time in an era when game costs are already spiraling higher and higher."

This is what John Smedly is saying is wrong. There is no fee for Sony or anyone else to use Xfire. Its free software period.

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