OXM: Civilization Revolution Preview

OXM writes: There's a reason why PC strategy games don't work on Xbox 360 and that reason is this - they're PC strategy games. Born in a bland PC tower and shackled to a keyboard and mouse, attempts to drag strategy games out of their grey dungeons and into Microsoft's white console have been met with varying degrees of success. Whether it's been Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II or Command & Conquer 3, most of them have been okay. Decent. Alright. Talking about them will induce a passive shrug of the shoulder before talk switches back to that mouthy American teenager you no-scoped in Halo 3 last night.

Civilization Revolution will break that cycle because it's a PC strategy game that is born on console, raised on console and will live a long and fulfilling live on console. It's essentially a PC strategy game that strikes out the 'PC' and replaces it with 'console'. A console strategy game? No wonder the word 'Revolution' is in the title.

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