360 price cut to boost sales 20 per cent – Pachter

Following Microsoft's decision to drop the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe, analyst Michael Pachter has told that he expects sales to increase by around 20 per cent over the coming months.

However, in the long term, he doesn't see it making a larger impact to Microsoft's standing in the region, as Sony is also likely to cut the price of the PlayStation 3 at some point later this year.

"Price elasticity of demand is an economic concept that says demand goes up as price comes down. I would imagine that demand will increase by 20 per cent or so, and we'll see sales increase by this amount over the next few months," offered Pachter.

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DarkSniper3971d ago

Michael Pachter is usually correct on these issues. Out of the many gaming industry analysts, he is the most respected and most reputable. Xbox 360 will see a short spike in sales and then follow by plummeting down in a sorrier state than it is now.


ruibing3971d ago

So I'm guessing their supply issue has been solved?

captainjy3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Here's the interesting part of all this 360 vs. POS3 drama-

Even with all of the hardware failures and I won't deny hardware failures because I have had one, is still outselling the POS3.

Even without Blu-Ray, the 360 is outselling the POS3.

Even without a "FREE" online service (God knows, you have to have games and not movies before you can actually play), the 360 is outselling the POS3.

Even without built-in Wi-Fi and a desktop HD (that's hard drive for the inexperienced), the 360 is still outselling the POS3.

Everything above speaks volumes as to what the POS3 is: it's overpriced. It's pathetic. And it's not the behemoth that it used to be. I don't care how many POS2's there are in the world. We are past that. Here and now, this 360 gaming console that supposedly has so much less and is a bigger hunk a junk is doing in your mighty movie machine.

Captain Tuttle3971d ago

Has Sony even hinted at a price cut? If that happens that's good news for gamers. I love price wars.

blacsheep3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

and pachters (who i think has got so many predictions wrong this gen) is just really stating the obvious, price cuts will lead to an increase in sales you dont to be an analyst to know that.

the only winners in this price war are us the consumers so enjoy and game on

Silver3603971d ago

Why would Sony cut the price of their system unless they start selling less systems.

masterg3971d ago

Pachter is actually the analyst who has gotten most correct.
Kotaku did an article on it.

niall773971d ago

well done Pachter, have a biscit

CrazzyMan3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

To outsell ps3 in Europe, x360 need 100% boost, not 20%. =))

20%? Sad.. very sad things are then for M$. =)
I wonder, will they even make money on x360 after pricecut or will start losing them again? =]

3971d ago
green3971d ago

he has come again with his predictions.This guy is like a flag that turns to any direction the wind is blowing

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