MLB2K8 Review for Xbox 360 from Loot Ninja

Baseball season is fastly approaching and that means that the baseball sims are here and Loot Ninja cannot be more excited. As avid baseball fans, Loot Ninja could not wait until they had a chance to play the next gen installments of the great American past time. On the Xbox 360, you only have one choice of game and that is MLB2K8 from 2K Sports. The 2K7 version was a huge jump up from 2K6 and the game was pretty good. There was a lot of promise for this year's installment and the developers aimed to make all the necessary changes and tweaks to make it THE baseball game to get regardless of what console you own. Was this a home run or a strike three curveball in the dirt? It's more of a nice one-hopper to the wall.

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drunkpandas3965d ago

Really wasn't impressed with 2K8. The framerate is really bad and the game is more arcade than sim. I'll stick with The Show this year

donscrillinger3965d ago

2k8 baseball iz sick .its the best baseball to ever come out for real

drunkpandas3965d ago

As someone who played baseball for 20 years (high school, college, semi-pro) and coached for 6 (so far), I can tell you that MLB 2K8 is not near real baseball. Go play MLB 08 The Show, then make an informed decision. The Show is by far the most realistic baseball game ever made