Microsoft: We own 42% of all next-gen revenues

Microsoft has staked its claim as the market leader in the console space with two bold claims this morning – not least that it has taken over 40 per cent of 'life-to-date' revenue across hardware, games and peripherals sales.

In addition, the firm has confirmed a whopping 17.7 million global installed base of the console – and set its sights on many more with today's price cut.

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DarkSniper3965d ago

Would you believe a stament that has come from a corporation that deliberately lies to their consumers and adjust articles to protect their diminishing name?

To own "42%" of all next-generation revenues means nothing if over 90% of your owners are not able to have a functioning hardware to play what you have sold. Also, with an online service where you pay to play heavily lagged gaming about 95% of people are dissatisfied with their service.

Since Microsoft can play the percentage game, Dark Sniper can as well. As the statistics show, the failure rates and overall complaints of Red Light 360 are at an all time high.

Many have found their solution, which is PLAYSTATION® 3.


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doodle3965d ago

by the end of this year MS will own nothing

X360 is already dead in both europe and Japan

It is just US where it will die this year too

PS3 also outsold x360 in february too

The trend continues until it becomes 2:1/3:1 when MGS4 is launched

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BigKev453965d ago

I'm sure what MS is saying is true.

wow4u3965d ago

I'm sure that they can read NDP reports.

InMyOpinion3965d ago

The one year lead gave them a big percentage of the revenue. I really don't see the relevancy in their statement. What's important is wether they are gaining or losing that revenue right now.

The Wood3965d ago

ms are quick to plug our ears with this type of stuff. Either way good on them but there's 1 question they choose not to answer or make a statement on

sonarus3965d ago

lol all msoft seems to be doing is bragging its always 10million xbox live of 42% gaming revenue. Nintendo wii is the most successful of the 3 and even they don't mouth off as much as msoft

InMyOpinion3965d ago

Nintendo are too busy selling Wii's to make silly statements.

TheTwelve3965d ago

Microsoft feels the dire need to remind people, recently, that they got their console out first.


mikeslemonade3965d ago

How is 42% revenue an impressive number? 33% would be the even number for all three console holders, but since your system came out first 42% sucks. The goal of the console that came out first should be 50%. And clearly MS missed that mark with their faulty hardware.

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HarryEtTubMan3965d ago


....MAYBE BEACUSE YOUR CONSOLE IS TWICE AS OLD AS EVERYONE ELSES.... THIS ALSO BEING THE REASON WILL THE RRODbox HAS TWICE AS MANY GAMES DURRRR WE KNOW THIS!!! Its too bad no one cares and Wii and PS3 are winning hahahahahahahhahaha and if Microsft sales start to spike Sony will price cut again(if u dont think Sony can handle a pricecut u are a NOOB and don't understand how filthy rich Sony and Microsft and even Nintendo to a degree are.)

Sony is going to win. Microsft feels the Playstation 3's momentum. Sony has called them out on how the 360 is selling ALMOST IDENTICAL to the orignal FLOPBOX LMAO.

SONY IS EATING THIS SH!T UP RIGHT NOW. PS3 isn't even ONE YEAR OLD in Europe until later this month HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH and will EASILY be out for almost a full decade more. Blu Ray will be in the next consoles in 4-5 years also. Microsft are PATHTIC. They should also admit how they have twice as many games.... no one will buy there console though becuase the want the Wii and PS3 nad especially MILLIONS and MILLIONS are waiting on the PS3. EVERY FREINDS I HAVE and I live on campus and know alot of people... are getting a PS3 eventually.... yea maybe not this year.... maybe in a couple but I have quite a few getting them for MGS4 and GTA 4... a few later this year . Everyone knows about Killzone 2. THE BOTS ARE TERRIEFIED that game is gonna be huge. Look at the gameplay and the money Sony ha put into. THEY ARE ABOUT TO LAY THE BOTS TO REST with the PS3's 2008 and 2009 line up. Resistancve 2 is going to be such a big awesome FPS. Little Big Planet or MGS4 have such a big chance of being GOTY. God of War III is one of the biggest new franchises of the last 10 years. Its absolute PWNAGE. FF13 is coming in 2 games. Playstation Home.


You can't stop the Playstation baby. You had your little unfair headstart. Move aside for the King. Well, in reality he's already shoved you aside and is blasting you at a still pricey 400$-500$ price range. Sony is getting majority of the LEAD SKU's now because it makes two good versions.

Xbox 360 has LOST BOTS. Microsft is doing everything they can to keep up now when their console is only half the price as the PS3 because they KNOW in a year or so.... it wont even be close and the PS3 will out live the 360 by who knows.... 4 -6 years??? Blu Ray put the guaranteed factor in the PS3. Everyone is behind it. Microsft should worry about recalling their P.O.S because it's just embarassing. They just are such a lmae company. WHO DOES THIS? They are like so scared of Sony they pretend they have OMG DOMIANTED something because they PURPOSELY released their console a year ahead of schedule and ofcourse thats going to give ANYTHING a big advantage. The developers were using the 360 as lead SKU. But like the Sony CEO said. PS3 is now the LEAD SKU. Microsft has no choice when facing the Playstation Juggernaut.

It has BARELYYYYY begun.

TunakTunakTun3965d ago

You just pwnd the shir out of these stupid bots, well done... bubbles

now its my turn...hey bots!! teh list of awsomeness

Buzz! Quiz TV
Coded Arms: Assault
Disgaea 3
Eight Days
Far Cry 2
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Formula One Championship Edition
God of War 3
Grand Theft Auto V
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge
Heavenly Sword
Heavenly Sword 2
Heavy Rain
Hot Shots Golf 5
Ico 3
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Killzone 2
L.A. Noire
Metal Gear Online
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
MLB 07: The Show
MLB 08: The Show
Motorstorm 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Red Dead Revolver 2
Resident Evil 5
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2: United We Stand
Ridge Racer 7
Socom 3
SOCOM Confrontation
Syphon Philter
Tears of Blood
Tekken 6
The Agency
The Eye of Judgement
The Getaway
Timesplitters 4
Twisted Metal
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2
Unreal Tournament III
Valkyrie of the Battlefield
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza 3

Calling All Cars!
Dark Mist
Everyday Shooter
High Velocity Bowling
LocoRoco Cocoreccho
Pixeljunk Monsters
Super Rub a Dub
Super Stardust
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
Wipeout HD

Free Online Play
PS Eye
Reliable System
Remote Connection
Webb Browser

Only on Playstation 3

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Mr Playboy3965d ago

You still believe that Sh!t from $ony

Sorry buddy, but you are a mile deep is $ony A$$

mccormack3965d ago

Not sure if I am allowed to comment on my own article, N4G are pretty strict on rules. Anyway, I was reading an interesting article in Edge the other week which relates to this, apparently the sales of the 360 have now peaked and that games are moving over to the PS3.

It appears to me that the PS3 is kind of next-gen to the 360, the article hints that in rushing to be first to market the 360 is not the machine it could have been.

wow4u3965d ago

The PS3 was late, the Xbox 360 wasnt early. Remember, it was Sony who pushed back the release for over 12 months.

The two machines are roughly comparable hardware. It blows my mind that people continue to buy Sony's marketing.

EVERY generation of PS Sony has promised that their product would be some kind of revolution, and had all this hardware-power (Emotion Engine! 4D!). Which is 100% absolute nonsense.

Dont buy the hype, try and read some technical comparisons, they'll tell you the same thing.

killax35633965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

the xbox 360 WAS early. if they waited 6-10 months, MS probably could've included an hd-dvd drive. but instead, MS jumped the gun and included a last-gen format, the dvd.

and ps3 was NOT late. in fact, the ps3 was rushed to market b/c sony didn't want to fall too far behind the xbox 360. if the xbox 360 wasn't already on the market, i think the ps3 would have come out 6-12 months later.

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eyeh3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

both systems have games that people who own the system would like. both systems have games that are generally considered strong titles by everyone. i'm really tired of hearing this "stronger lineup" business this early in the year especially paired with "honestly" and "without bias." how could it possibly be "without bias" saying one side is stronger seeing that both sides have games that have a lot of hype?

Tryst3965d ago

edonus - "When compared honestly and without bias the 360 still has a stronger line up this year than the Ps3."

This is the biggest pile of crap I have read today - congrats :)

Wicked Sick3965d ago

Actually "4D" graphics isn't really 100% absolute nonsense, you seem to be poorly informed so Ill try to explain it to you.

3D graphics can be explained with the x,y and z planes.
4D graphics is the progression in time allowing texture to change dynamically.

I read an article here some time ago that showed a test in which the PS3 did procedural texturing and ray tracing quite good.

Maybe in a couple of years you will start to see this kind of tech being adapted more widely

Anyway here are some great examples of 4D graphics:

And here is a snapshot of the article:

But as an avid fanboy that you are, I don't think one can convince you.

TheTwelve3965d ago

N4user1, you're spewing crap from 2006. You need to update your arguments.


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BubblesDAVERAGE3965d ago

Next gen...thats all they talk about next gen...they never say overall console gaming...because Sony and Nintendo is killing them

InYourMom3965d ago

MS doesn't have the Original Xbox on the market anymore and they don't have a handheld what "next-gen" system should they be referring too?

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