Analyst: PS3 to Outsell Xbox 360 in March

A new report indicates the PS3 is gaining momentum--but that it might taper off once Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hits retail.

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HighDefinition3964d ago

Been outsold all 2007 and every month in 2008 by the PS3.

Lifendz3964d ago

glad to see they're turning it around. Nothing like a little competition to keep both sides on their toes.

sonarus3964d ago

based off worldwide sales figures, ps3 will continue to dominate the xbox 360 for pretty much every month this yr. The battle in EU is already won. Despite msoft sales cut, there really aren't any games to take advantage of this except for GTA. Sony too will slice prices due to reduced production costs, to keep the ps3 as the best blu ray player and most importantly to stay in the competition. And with so many high profiled games like socom,GT5, MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, KZ2, Motorstorm 2, GTA4 coming out, it will further stretch ps3's lead over xbox360 especially in the european market. Things will remain close between playstation and 360 most of the yr but a price drop and some really good games will give ps3 the edge for some months this yr. However i don't think the general US consumers has moved towards playstation yet, some ps2 owners are still unsure of how the ps3 is doing and are waiting for things to smoothen out. All the same sony could come out with sony's gamer day and introduce new footage of some brand new games and revealing gameplay trailer for GOW3 at E3 will definetly get everyone pumped for the playstation brand once again

misterssippi3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

actually, 360 outsold ps3 in february

and the ps3 only beat 360 in three months the past year, march 07, april 07 when ps3 had its highest spike, and jan o8.

HighDefinition3964d ago

Actually, Worldwide the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007.

MADGameR3964d ago

saying that the PS3 would only outsell the 360 in 1 month and thats all. Boy was he wrong!

NO_PUDding3964d ago

miserssippi, the simExchnage is notoriously innaccurate, even in it's statistics (not prediticons) it apparently claimed PS3 sold 80k less than it had in a week January, and you just posted evdidence of a prediciton anywayl, which by defintion isn't evidence at all.

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DarkSniper3964d ago

Once PLAYSTATION® 3 was available in all major continents, it has proven to be a worldwide phenomenom across the globe. Xbox 360 has been proven to cater to a niche market as Microsoft once again fails to label itself the household consumer electronic name. Combined with superior hardware and Microsoft's own self destruction. Dark Sniper finds it very difficult for Microsoft to outsell the more complete, reliable machine which is PLAYSTATION® 3.

Statistics and factual evidence show that PS3 took the title of highest next-generation hardware units sold(Wii being the exception) in 2007. With the plethora of AAA exclusives being released in 2008, PLAYSTATION® 3 will stomp Xbox 360 to the lowest pits of the earth that not even hell could fathom.


Meus Renaissance3964d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a system seller?

BeaArthur3964d ago

It is a very good game.

PirateThom3964d ago

It's also multiplatform...

BeaArthur3964d ago

It is possible for a multi platform game to sell a console

resistance1003964d ago

'A new report from The simExchange expects the PlayStation 3 to outsell the Xbox 360 in March, the first time Sony's next-gen console has outsold Microsoft's since late 2007.'

I stopped reading there. In January the Ps3 outsold the 360 in EVERY single continent

mighty_douche3964d ago

LOL... same here. If your writing an article at least do your research, most of the time it appears we know more than these so called "analyst's".

dale13964d ago

whats rv6 got do with it its out on both systems mgs4 on the other hand ,gt5 ete etc etc etc isn,t ps3 only,hence why three hardened xbox 360 freinds of mind have bought there ps3,s recently games what people keep going on about and playstation has got the biggest this year by far

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