Why all the fuss over Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

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"The unprecedented number of perfect scores being handed out by the press for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which hit stores Sunday, is helping to ensure that Nintendo's highly anticipated game will-as expected-go down as one of the Wii's greatest successes. Gamespot claims it's a "must-have for every owner of the platform," while GameSpy says it's "the game that Wii owners will be playing for the life of the system." My beef is that, once the trip down memory lane ends, I'm stuck playing a game that just isn't much fun."

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decapitator3965d ago

Oh man, this author is about to get a flood of hate mails from Nintendo fans. You cannot "NOT" like brawls.

TheTwelve3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Umm...I totally see his point. I've never understood the draw to the Smash Brother series. But I'm also a Tekken/Street Fighter/Samurai Showdown player. I can't stand games like Brawl, over games like Tekken. Or games like Mariokart over Gran Turismo. Just not into being a part of silly button-mashing and brainless fun over skill and technique. But that's just me.

I'm sure that for people who love brainless party games, this game is the jump-off. But me? Nah...I gladly ignore it and wait for Tekken 6. Just my style.

Also note that the gaming media has always had a weak spot for Nintendo first party games. Nintendo is supposedly the mecha of true gaming, before great corporations like Sony and Microsoft got involved, and the media is always a sucker for those kinds of stories. Hence 1st party Nintendo games are always, always overrated.


PS360WII3965d ago

Well 12, yes, much like Tekken, DOA, Street Fighter, and more fighters Smash you can button mash your way to victory. Though Smash doesn't have any left, diagonal, down, A type moves you still need a stratagy to win if you are playing someone who knows how to play the game. MarioKart you need to know the levels and turns to win a race just as much as you need to know the turns in GT. It's all how you look at it. Just depends if you want to have fun playing a game or feel like you are a person driving behind the wheel.

JsonHenry3965d ago

I have loved the Smash Brothers games since the N64 version. And the promise of playing online is too much for me not to want it. I just think the auther does not like the game itself. Which is fine with me, it is not for everyone. I don't understand how 10 million people play WoW. I don't understand why so many people like the Halo series. And I don't understand why so many people like racing games. Everyone has their own personal taste.

And for people who like to play Smash Brothers, this game is sure to be a hit and one that is played literally through the life of the system.

TheTwelve3965d ago

Yeah, but the presentation of Smash Brothers is silly and goes quite well with kids and drunk adults who don't want to use their brain to play. It has explosions and silly sounds and cute faces and twinkles and....bleh. Childish.

And Mario Kart has a LOT to do with luck and randomness, which supports the idea that "anybody has a chance to beat anybody" and I personally like to have more control over my destiny. Hence Gran Turismo.


LastDance3965d ago

Im sure SSBB will be good. But isnt it just a fun party game??...

Ive played them before and they are fun...But...i mean, playing it for another 3-4 years? How mindless do reviewers think people are?
I guess they are excited about a decent game hitting wii..

a guy that worked in a game shop was showing me the preview, the one with the big starship and stuff and he was fully gettin hyped up about it, and it looked great...but i was thinking to myself....But this is NOTHING like what the game is....

im amazed people are completely going nuts for a party game.

perhaps buzz would have been as huge if they stuck donkey kong and mario as contestants?

JsonHenry3965d ago

I guess we "party" more than you and need the extra "party" game. : )

Nathaniel_Drake3965d ago

I can attest to the draw of the smash titles, when I got an N64 I got that game and played the heck out of it, but when I got a Gamecube and I bought this game I played nearly non-stop for a year, having fun and laughing my head off, the only thing is you do get tired of it and the Gamecube didn't have other games to keep my interest for the system, yeah I have Mario sunshine and beat that, but not having strong 3rd party developers is obviously going to hurt the system and make the system as it is seen now as a side dish to the main course of the PS3 and 360

Example, one of the best 3rd party software to come out on the gamecube was Resident Evil 4 and that prolonged the interest of the system for me and was very complementary to the first party software

PROGnosis3965d ago

actually 12, its the other way around...u can easily button mash your way through games like tekken and street figher and believe me i've done it, Smash requires quick reflexes and timing, button mashing wont save u at all, unless your fighting people at ur level....besides there's no other fighter like Smash, thats why there's all this fuss about it

TheTwelve3965d ago

Sorry pal, but you've never played anybody good in Tekken if you button mash your way to victory. :)


PROGnosis3965d ago

well maybe not tekken, but i have faced many players in street figher, soul calibur and marvel vs capcom......but same can be said about Smash, button mashing is suicide up against an experienced fighter.....perhaps u would like to go against me in a fighting game, maybe u can prove me wrong, i'll highly respect that

permutated3965d ago


Who cares about Tekken. Never has a fighting roster been so unbalanced.

forum_crawler3965d ago

"Just not into being a part of silly button-mashing and brainless fun over skill and technique"

... and yet you call Sony and Microsoft "great"?

Last time I checked their next-gen consoles still required 30 button controllers (Yes, I know they don't have 30 btns...), while Nintendo went the other way. So which is it?

And since when did Tekken not need like 50 button presses to do a simple lower kick? I would be more inclined to believe you if you had mentioned Street Fighter, but Tekken, for someone who isn't into "...silly button-mashing and brainless fun over skill and technique." I may be wrong, but that sounds kinda funny to me.

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JDW3965d ago

I have a Wii and so far i have enjoyed Zelda, Metroid 3, Galaxy (apart from the voices) and i'm looking forward to Mariokart....BUT.....i do not like the smash bros series.

I have played every version (including brawl) and as a multiplayer game it is ok until you realise how shallow the game really is.

Ivix3965d ago

I never thought there was anyone else in the world who shares this opinion with me on this matter. When I say I don't really love Smash Bros. games everyone's eyes just glaze over and call me a heretic or some such thing. How come, just because I have a Wii and I hold Super Mario Galaxy to be one of my favourite games that I have to love this series as well?

Steelshaper3965d ago

I have to disagree. It's none of my concern if you like the series... but you cant call the gameplay shallow and hope to be taken seriously. I'll agree that Melee had about 8 tournament quality characters. Brawl has 35 characters... and from what I've played every single one is tournament quality. And every single one is different. Yes there are a few clones... but the ones that I've played feel different in more than subtle ways.

If you want to see how deep Super Smash can get... watch a tournament or something... and dont make general statements about things you dont know...

PS360WII3965d ago

It's a game for everyone much like Halo. Which is why it sells so well and gets the wonderful scores it does. It's just meant to be fun and enjoyable. If you get tired of it so be it for it's just a game like everything else. People get tired of Halo, GT, Bioshock, CoD, and many other games as well so why pick only on Smash for this?

DiabloRising3965d ago

I give Smash Bros credit for having a TON of content. The title is just packed. Sadly, it just doesn't feel like much of a step up from Melee, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I sold my Wii last week, and I have to say, Smash Bros was a major title I wanted. But having played it at a friends for a few hours, I'm not really that upset.

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