Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 Price drop

Microsoft today announced it is lowering the estimated retail price (ERP) for its Xbox 360 family of consoles in Europe. Now with an entry-level ERP of £159.99, Xbox 360 is a mass market entertainment proposition with something to offer for every interest and budget.

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HighDefinition3965d ago

a strange series of events.

decapitator3965d ago

Totally Unexpected. What a shocker. I would have never imagined

/sarcasm off.

Man, I thought they would have at least waited till tomorrow to confirm what we have known since last week.

rmedtx8883965d ago

I just hope they have fixed the quality problems the console had.

resistance1003965d ago

Its a good price, now we wait for sony's move

decapitator3965d ago

Yeah I am very interested to see how Sony retaliates.

gambare3965d ago

There is more impact in Sony's price cuts than Microsoft's price cuts.

masterg3965d ago

If Sony counters this with a $300 PS3 it could turn out to be a very expensive price drop for MS.

DarkSniper3965d ago

Microsoft has taken the another desperate move as they scramble different ways to oust Sony Computer Entertainment. This price drop does nothing as consumers have made their decision on which next-generation purchase they want. Fortunately for Dark Sniper, that purchase is only PLAYSTATION® 3.

It's hard to cross-sell a console that fails to identify itself as a true next generation platform and with the garbage lineup that Microsoft provides, it shows why PLAYSTATION® 3 stomped Red Light 360 in the ground last year in worldwide hardware numbers.

You can place a free sign next to the XBOX 360 and people would still rather purchase a PLAYSTATION® 3 than pick this garbage hardware up. This is your gospel and truth, believe in it.


Sez 3965d ago

are you serious or is this sonyfanboy logic at it's best. another desperate more. i wasn't aware they made a first one yet. ohh i see. you are confusing the ps3 with the 360. because sony was desperate with the ps3. giving them away with HDTV's,5 blu-ray movies with a ps3, two pric3e drops in the first year.(first time in gaming history). yeah i can see where you went wrong at.

caffman3965d ago

so you can't afford £159 eh DarkPauper. Bet you don't even have a PS3.

ruibing3965d ago

This must also mean the supply problem is a thing of the past now. No console ever performs a price drop while there's a supply shortage (take Wii for example).

Yi-Long3965d ago

... is still too expensive. They should have included some games and an extra controller.

It still seems too much, especially compared with the USA, where an Elite is 450 DOLLAR, and thats including 2 games. So the USA gets more for less.
Dont even get me started about how cheap it is for japanese gamers.

Personally, I'll get a 360 eventually, but not for this price.
Kinda hoping that PS3 will also lower it's price a bit in time for GTA4. Hopefully the Ratchet/Uncharted package will drop from 470 to 400 euro.

ps360s3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I brought my Elite for £300 cost same as my current mobile phone...and PS3 for £over £500 plus extra contoller and game and warrenty (when it debuted in UK a week later). I love games so I dont really mind the price:)

and for the price cut on the Xbox thats a good my cousin can play Lost Odyssey :D and hopefully the PS3 does the same to counter it so my cousin can get the PS3 too lol but I wont never be like him just waiting for a price drop and another price drop afet rthe other...

If you see you like that product you just buy it there and then, thats how i see it.

Yi-Long3965d ago

... which is why I can wait, cause there are still many games for older systems that havent played and/or completed yet :)
The last few years I've been playing Ninja Gaiden Black, Psychonauts, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, and many many other games, which I might not have played if I did buy a next-gen console as soon as they came out.

I just always wait a while untill the price is right, and then buy the console, and at that time there are also lots of great games available for a budget-price... so that way I can still play all the great must-have games, yet I play them a year or 2 later, and for half the price...
That doesnt diminish the fun I have with them.
Ofcourse there are exceptions, games that I will wanna play as soon as they come out, and for me that game will be GTA4. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.