MGS4: Simply Not A Criticism Of Blu-Ray

By now, everyone has heard that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is going to take up the vast majority of the 50GB of data available on a Blu-Ray disc. Obviously, this sparked a lot of debate, especially amongst those not yet sold on the format. The common refrain has been, "well, if a game this early on in the generation can barely fit on it, what good is it? We'll still need multiple discs at some point!"

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Shadow Flare3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Would be even worse to use dvd and thats the truth

Besides from what i gather, Kojima said something like, 'we couldn't fit MGS4 on bluray so we had to compress parts of it.' But most games are compressed anyway, its not really an issue. Also consider its essentially 2 games on 1 disc, MGS4 and MGS:Online

Mainman3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Do the writers of this article realise that their source article written by 'Phase1Phaser' was a dummy article and was only meant to be a parody?

Kojima never said the stuff posted at Phase1Phaser.

@ above:
MGO doesnt take as much space on the disc as you think.
MGO uses the same game engine, textures, game mechanics etc. as MGS4.

sonarus3965d ago

where did you here this news of mgo and mgs4 being on one disc. So far all they said is mgo will be BUNDLED with mgs4.
http://dictionary.reference... if you need to refresh your memory on the definition of bundle, click the link. My money is the game releases with 2 discs, 1 for mgs4 the other for mgo. Unless ryan payton has confirmed anything. Regardless i doubt mgo will take much space at all unless it is also following the same uncompressed plan

LastDance3965d ago

"Just compress it" they scream..

Coz ya know..That kind of thinking is were the truely GREAT innovations come from.

Not crap coders like Kojima... no .. the people who think DVD9 can fit everything they need.. These are the pioneers my friend....


calis3964d ago

Why didn't Kojima just use 2 Blu Ray discs?

Mainman3964d ago

@ Sonarus

MGO 'starterpack' will be on the same disc as MGS4. The rest of MGO will probably be downloadable.

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HighDefinition3965d ago

MGS4 will show you what 50Gb can do for a videogame.

resistance1003965d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Bubble up =D

HighDefinition3965d ago

Does anyone know if this game is in 1080p?

Has it been confirmed to be in 720p?

The Wood3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

this might be the enlightenment we all needed. The TRUE reason a larger media is a plus not a negative on top of all the other evident pluses.

bubbles DtE

mighty_douche3965d ago

I believe a few months back the gameplay was 720 while the cut-scenes were 1080, but they stated they are trying their best to get it ALL up to 1080p.

I really hope they manage it, i guess only time will tell (only a few months now though o_O)

HighDefinition3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Yes, people who think less space is better are..........

Insert your own word.

pwnsause3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

theres a rumor that its in 1080p, but just wait till the game releases, Kojima stated last year that his game doesnt need to be in 1080p to be good, im getting MGS4 either way, its going to be very very Epic.

HighDefinition3965d ago

I hope they can do it that would be great.


Lights out

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PStriple7033965d ago

it's funny people are finding things to run out of to talk bad about the ps3.....the whole install time thing, and the blu ray not being "enough" it seems like those stupid ps3 is doomed articles are a thing of the past....

The Wood3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

for everyone


jokes aside. I was kool about this title but now I just cant wait for it. I didn't really like snake eater but I did watch somebody play it and the story, as ever, was top notch. This game should blow the socks off the doubters whilst melting their faces. Go get em Kojima!!!

3965d ago
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