Burned By HD DVD? Want To Get Burned Again?

Via Alleyinsider:

"Fan of dead technology? Looking for a companion piece for your now-obsolete HD DVD player? Then do we have a product for you: Meet HD VMD, which is yet another new hi-def DVD format. It's supposed to be like Sony's Blu-ray, but better.

Wait. Haven't we heard this story before? Yes, we have. And it ended when all of the studios, retailers and movie services all jumped from supporting two next-gen formats to going Blu-ray only."

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decapitator3972d ago

Well one thing is certain, people who were HARDCORE HD DVD supporters will not even need to know the specs of HD VMD to fully support it.

neogeo3971d ago

and I will fight it to the end. Porn will go VMD and wal-Mart will sell it for $99 and Blu will DIE!!!!!!!!

decapitator3972d ago

Whats does this mean ? Sorry, if am been noob-ish.

mighty_douche3972d ago

lol... no not being noobish dude, unless your a big follower of Indian movies.

decapitator3972d ago

Ah, I see. Used to love them because of their deep stories but I dont know what happened.

timmyp533972d ago

"Which means that if you want to watch a hi-def version of "Kandukondain Kandukondain" (one of 17 titles available for the format), you're going to have buy the player online."

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tweaker3972d ago

"Suck failure, freaks!"

- White Goodman

mighty_douche3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

It's done... finished... over...

If you want HD media, buy a Blu-Ray player, and if it's your console loyalty that's putting you off buying one, dont be so silly.

EDIT: *dun dun* phantom disagreer strikes again!!

GutZ313972d ago

Yea.... who wants to try saying HD-VMD 10 times fast?

Not going to happen, this format is asia only.

LastDance3972d ago

yea and asia is pirate only.. muahaha....


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The story is too old to be commented.