Why the Gender Imbalance Must Be Addressed

Emily Newton-Dunn, a former Burnout producer currently working on EA's Harry Potter series, tells Next-Gen that attracting a greater number of women to the games business will lead to more originality and bigger industry revenues.

More and more women are playing games than ever before, but is this reflected by the amount of women making games? Dunn, a former games journalist and TV presenter turned producer, gave Next-Gen her thoughts on the matter ahead of her participation in the Women in Games panel discussion being held in London on Monday evening as part of the Birds Eye View Film Festival.

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JDW3967d ago

I don't think that any particular group of people should be promoted in the gaming industry over other groups.

The best positions in the industry should go to those who have the best ideas and create the best end product.....regardless of what sex they are are race.

If a women comes along and she has great ideas and talent then fine, same goes for anyone.

THE_JUDGE3966d ago

the industry has to address anything of the sort. I think that women understand that the majority of gamers are males and that usually "hardcore" games for women fail, and fail hard. I say good luck to any publisher thats has the balls to make a female orientated game.