Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy Microsoft

From Seekingalpha:

"The market is definitely in need of a really bad day. A day that will have many an individual investor throw in the towel. A day that traders call CAPITULATION. This is when the market opens down huge or gets clobbered early on only to make a late day recovery. Typically, this signals a short-term bottom. While Faisal Laljee quite confident that stocks can be bought 5% cheaper than current levels, one really cannot predict or know when capitulation hits and trust me, this is one sale you don't want to miss."

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decapitator3964d ago

Now this is something you don't read everyday. Buy Microsoft ? Is there something going on that we the public don't know about ?

It seems the company is bleeding internally, but externally, they show no weakness.

craymoogy3963d ago

This is funny.

Now it's a good time to buy google, MS, Sony, Nintendo, or island?

LaChance3964d ago

Sony should quickly buy MSFT (I know they dont have the cash to do that) before they take over the gaming industry.Thats the best advice I can give them.

I dont want to the 360 to be alone on the market , competition is good.


DarkSniper3964d ago

The educated investor is well aware of the stockpile of issues Microsoft has brought upon the market with XBox 360. Dark Sniper can assure you that this article is nothing more than viral marketing by Microsoft. The ill-fated corporation is deliberately trying to sell their stock since they are well aware they are in a state of rapid decline.


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Rugludallur3964d ago

yes.. sony should buy the sinking ship that we call microsoft, 360 is falling and not hitting mainstream, vista waisted billions of dollars and 5 years and that explorer thing that can never match firefox no mater what, so many good reasons to buy it.... NOT

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