The Big Issue: Has the Wii already won?

Last week THQ boss Brian Farrell has said he believes that although currently leading the race, the Wii is by no means this generation's winner. Wii has had a price advantage since its release, with Microsoft and Sony competing at a higher end of the video game market, but will price cuts over the coming years be enough to turn the tide?

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Citizen Cook3966d ago

The Wii is a gimmick. Most people buy the console, play it for a few months, then put ti away until they can play some party games with their friends and family.
The Wii does not sell games. Most people that own a Wii only own about 2 games. Sales will drop as the craze wears off and the lack of interesting games become apparent. Xbroke 360 and PS3rd will gain sales as their hardware prices lower. Its only a matter of time.


Night4ll3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

as your joking... because if you've been paying attention to software charts, the Wii is selling more games than the PS3 and 360... I have 11 games not including Wii sports... This stupid argument about Wii not selling software is completely baseless...

PS3rd and Xbroke360... I guess you were joking...

Kleptic3965d ago

^^^its not that the Wii 'isn't selling games'...its that its doing what every Nintendo console has done for the past two generations, and not expanding the market in terms of software...

the only software that sells or is hyped is 1st party stuff...there are very few 3rd party titles that are worth getting, with even fewer on the horizon...

while you may have 11 games for your Wii...there are plenty of people that have what cook talked about...I have 3 family members that own a Wii, all of which have yet to purchase a single title...its a Wii Sports machine right now...and thats it...

its meaningless though...this 'console war' is beyond retarded...the same things start popping up generation after generation...and people argue 'well it will be different this time'...we will see...there is definitely only one console currently with the legs to do what its older siblings have done...but by the time it does it there will be a new Xbox and a new its entirely irrelevant...

PS360WII3966d ago

For Nintendo they already won big time. For the war ummm not even close to being known as of yet. Unless one of them suddenly has a 10 million gap between them and the rest it'll all be decided till the new ones are released and even then there will be a debate over which one really 'won'

wiizy3965d ago

the wii has already won. the price, the innovation, the huge audience.. there is really no catching up

jinn3965d ago

not now, not tomorrow, never