The 7 Deadly Sins of Voice Chat

Chris Hicks of CVG writes:

"Some things are best left untouched. A Disney flick is never the same once someone tells you their twisted theories on its sexual subtext. And whoever makes those Button Moon NSFW pictures is just wrong.

Mario Kart, for me, falls into similar territory. It's fun, joyful and uplifting to play. But voice chat would only bring a whole host of crass voices that would not only be irritating, they also damage the experience of the game. Look what happened to Halo 3. Don't believe me? Here are the sins of voice chat and how they could ruin Mario Kart on Wii."

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znu3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

how can u say look what happened to halo 3 in a negative way. It freakin broke sales records, is that bad for mariocart, why would nintendo wanna do that

I for one did not like halo 3(playing alone sucks, its only fun when i go to my friends house and play co-op online,P.S i dont have a 360) It's my personal opinion, u may like playing single player or alone online, good for u!

besides from that most of the articles reasons remain satisfactory at best,

we run those risks in all online games with multiplayer chat, there some retards out there but i would like to give humanity the benefit of the doubt

Armyless3963d ago

I usually give fellow gamers the benefit of the doubt, but blatant ass-hattery is beyond reproach.

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