Finally! We can all design games without an education

A lot of gamers out there have dreamed of making their own games some day, but for most, the idea has always remained nothing but a pipedream. Up until now, the main hurdle has always been the requirement to learn some sort of programming language, something most average gamers just aren't up to, whether it be the time or difficulty constraints of learning

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RJ20003971d ago

Creating games without an education will just get you a crappy game that you put a lot of time into. Whereas if you look up and learn the programming languages which is not that hard to do without taking college class due to the online resources any person can learn how to program.

HowarthsNJ3971d ago

Any tool that helps express those ideas is welcome. Once that's done the programmer takes over and brings the ideas tom life.

I'd like to have simple game creation tools for the PS3 sixaxis. My kids love bouncing those ducks out of tub from PSN.

Think "Super Monkey Ball" on an obstacle course using motion controls to drive and bounce the ball through the environment.

Toddler games are untapped market IMO.

name3971d ago

I'd rather play little big planet.

Yi-Long3971d ago

... is Monkey Island 3, a 2d adventure following the first 2 Monkey Island games. I have a million ideas for that in my head.

(I know there already is a MI3 and MI4, but to me they dont exist ;) )

JeepGamer3971d ago

People have been designing and making games without an education for years... How do you think we end up with so many bad games?

Enigma_20993971d ago

So THAT'S the reason!!!!!

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