Xbox 360 Price Cut: Nintendo and Sony Respond

Following today's Xbox 360 price cuts on Amazon, and with Microsoft's official announcement expected any moment now, TechRadar spoke with Nintendo and Sony spokespersons in the UK this morning to find out whether there are any plans to cut the costs of the Wii or PS3 in the near future.

A Wii currently costs £179.98 on Amazon. Nintendo UK informed us today that there are no plans to cut the cost of the Wii in response to the latest price cuts on the Xbox 360. The spokesperson said that "they are going for a different market with the price cuts… and once you start slashing the price of something, there is really only one way to go".

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decapitator3968d ago

For Nintendo, I dont think they will be dropping the price anytime soon. I remember reading that, they were in fact kicking themselves for pricing the wii at $250 after it's success. And they are yet to announce new colors so no price drop soon.

For Sony, why should they anytime soon when all their big games start coming out next month and the months ahead ? GT5P will be big regardless of the price of the PS3 right now. Technically it would sell more if the price was lower but it will be decent for a 'prologue' of a game. I am picking that up

mighty_douche3968d ago

i agree on both accounts.

Nintendo certainly don't have anything to worry about, people buy the WII because they want a WII, not purely because it's (was) the cheapest console.

As for Sony, the success of Blu-Ray was bigger for them than any price cut.

Glad to be a gamer3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The wii and Ps3 have no need to cut their price. Both of them offer more then enough for the asking price. I intend to use my ps3 as a replacement for my laptop and my wii offers me an experience i can't get on any other console. Both also have blockbuster games coming out in the near future that will drive sales.

Blue ray, open source, motion controls, brawl, gt prologue, mgs 4 and mario kart are for me bigger draws than a price cut but i welcome more people to join the 360 experience. the more the merrier. I for one am enjoying the live experience.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

Wii will sell regardless. it won't drop in price until next year.

PS3 will sell regardless. it doesn't need another price drop until MGS4 with the bundle.

the 360 really needs this to stay in the lime-light. with all the positive sony news, they had to do something.

Sevir043968d ago

at this point Sony is riding high with the success of blu-ray and the media putting them back in the spot light. after the earth shattering announcements of MGS4 AND MGO beta trail and such. and the bundles. UK getting the GT5 bundle and yakuza bundles in japan. they are perfectly suited for a healthy sell through of software. In light of this i think MS realized that at this price the PS3 was selling well and better than the 360 and that at a stone throw away from the 360's price they would have struggled to get passed sony with the gta4 release. So i think this was what they did to make sure they sell more consoles during the time of it's release because Sony has alotr of momentum especially for GTA4.

I say Good move MS way to claim a 3rd party game like it's yours, they say if you want claim it. They must really want it... it's gonna be interesting to see if MS will benifit exponentially from this drop coupled with GTA right around the corner. should be interesting seeing GTA4 and GT5 go head to head, as Sony has 2 heavy hitter at in the same month while MS only has 1.... pretty interesing,

As for ol' Ninty, They will sell with or without a price cut, Should ninty drop the price anymore you can basically call the Wii a freebie give away. lol!!! Ninty is on a rabid runaway train and they cant stop yet!!!

LJWooly3968d ago

I don't think Sony have anything to prove this gen, so price cuts won't be nearly as big a deal for them as they are to Microsoft.

I don't really think Microsoft came into this generation thinking they would come out the winner, they seem to just be trying to make the most out of their run. Why does GTA4 seem to be such a big deal to them, and not to Sony?

Thnk about it... the original Xbox's problem was lack of games compared to the PS2, and the Xbox 360's biggest problem was hardware reliability, among other things. Next console? I think they should have learned from their mistakes...

marinelife93968d ago

Sounds like Sony and Nintendo responded with a yawn.

Microsoft needs to convince consumers of its product's reliability. Consumer's won't see the lower price as value they'll see it as cheap.

thunder3967d ago

now its a less expensive piece of junk

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HarryEtTubMan3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

PS3 and Wii dont need to cut prices they are winning everywhere. Blu Ray is very valuable now and the PS3 is dropping ALOT of good games this year ESPECIALLY including exclusives and Multiplatforms.

PSN is goin to have everything and more XBL does in the next 2-3 months. Blu Ray is worth 400$ and comes in ur PS3. You get built in Wifi and it costs 100 extra on the CrustyBUTTbox. PS3 by far has the biggest games coming in 2008 and 2009 and Sony is getting ready to announce and show off more Exclusives by April. I know this for fact.

Xbox 360 doesn't stand a chance. With this price cut it's literally half the price of the cheapest PS3. THEY ARE BEGGING PEOPLE TO BY THE RRODbox and the consumer is saying no even though its ALREADY ALOT CHEAPER.

Xbox just isn't Playstation.

Just wait until about October when the PS3 is/has dropped HUGE AAA games. ALL BOTS WILL BE OWNED. GUARANTEED BOTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHA HAHA You just can't win anymore. We will see in sales!

BLUR1113968d ago

what are you talking about?? i have both and they are the sh-t!, fanboys are retarded! Xbox live blows psn out the water and ps3 has much better picture than 360. there both good but xbox is not even close to loosing .. do u know how many xbox owners there are... most ppl that has 360 and ps3's buy the xbox multiplatform game over ps3 reasons like achivements and XBOX live. I havent heard one person on a mic online on psn.

GodsHand3968d ago

I use a mic in Warhawk, and las Vegas Poker.

PopEmUp3968d ago

um 10 millions 360 owners, why the 8 millions was not added because there were many 360 owners has problems with rrod and they decide to brought another 360 in case of the other 360 of their break or return from repairmen but some 360 owner even brought up to 7 360 so I don't know the right amount of users at this rate

zag3967d ago

there's 18 million 360 owners.

with 17.8 million in the USA.
the rest are outside the usa it's, really a wonder why MS even bothers with selling the 360 in other countries.

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resistance1003968d ago

I suspect sony will hold off a price cut until the busy season after the summer, for now Metal Gear Solid, GT5:P and Blu-ray will ensure they have respectable sales.

As for the 'GTA' Effect, while it will sell alot of units, i don't think it will be a major system mover on launch, but more at christmas

Genuine3968d ago

Nintendo could probably keep the price of the Wii where it's at until their next console. Because it's the only console of it's kind. Anyone looking for that type of gaming experience, can't find it on 360 and ps3.

Sony on the other hand, are about to see a huge migration of ps2 owners go the direction that they didn't want to see. The 360 is hitting a mainstream price. Even the most hardcore fanboy will find the high quality game experience of the 360 hard to miss out on at that price. Even though I'm a 360 fan, I know that when the ps3 hits those prices, I'll probably buy another one. Why? Because there is a point where you put your fanboyism aside, and the gamer takes over. Price, more times than not, is that barrier.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

i really wouldn't mind getting another 360 since i don't have my original anymore. the price is very tempting and there are a few games coming for it that i'm really interested in.

but there's one HUGE problem.....hardware issues.

as someone that has dealt with this before with the 360, i refuse to put myself through that again. i want to buy one but forunately i don't have that battered women syndrome. i will wait for them to get their act together. maybe Dec08 or Jan09.

the price isn't whats holding most people least not now.

Genuine3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I make good points all the time, but sony fanboys usually don't like them. lol When your outnumbered by teens and college kids that think they know it all, it's easier for them to deny or avoid a subject, rather than look at the reality of a subject and admit the truth.

HighDefinition3968d ago

To not say "fanboys" on Mondays? I had a long weekend and that word is starting to drive me nuts.

Ashta3968d ago

Console fanisms aside the only thing I really ever disagreed with you on was when you sent me that nice PM claiming that I was the son of a whore.

Still, personal insults aside you actually do make a good point this time around. The arcade unit gets its price drop to like 149 euros and thats a pretty sweet price point. I haven't heard of any price drop in the US (unless the rumored 199$ was true) and the japanese market have already received their price cut. Still, 200 bucks (if its coming to America) is a pretty nice deal and it finally hits that mainstream pricing. Still, its only the core unit, so the higher end models will still be around the PS3 price range.

I guess if it gets any cheaper I might (-might-) pick one up so I can finally play Dead Rising.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago

i said you actually made a good point, because you rarely do.

i was trying to give you a little props because for the first time you said something that wasn't completely bias.

i thought being sent to the Open Zone would make you realize that your silly comments weren't appreciated, but instead you sound like the same fanboys you try to diss.

whatever dude, you can sit here and look mad at your computer all day if you like. if just bought a new hdtv and i'm off to pick it up.

have fun being angry at everyone with a different opinion.

goretooth3968d ago

europe are getting the long awayited pricecut, but why are we still the most exspensive continent to buy game consoles in, the xbox rumoured to go down as far as $200 in america, at current exchange rate, thats about £100 :(

Genuine3968d ago

I've got an quick temper. I am a USAF veteran, a good father, a hard worker, and a lifelong gamer. I've spit more blood, pounded more tail, and stomped more guts than most people my age. And it will be a cold day in hell before someone (especially someone who's sh*t is still green) will insult me without getting a fight. You must have insulted me somehow.

cartman3133968d ago

I'm still too chicken to buy one. I would love to play games like Bioshock, ME and such. I'm just not hardcore enough to take the hardware risk.

LJWooly3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

You started off really well in your first comment, Genuine, then receeded back to your usual fanboy ignorance with the second comment. I think it's more than possible for someone who doesn't happen to be a Sony fanboy to disagree with you, and to say you "make good points all the time" is extremely presumptive of you, and you sound EXACTLY like theMART (thinks he's smarter than he is).

The 'Gamer zone' is for gamers, not fanboys.

Try and keep cool, the 'console war' isn't something you should take seriously. If you do take it seriously, then it'll be very hard for others to take you seriously.

Of course, being as ignorant as you are, you just see what you want to see. Shame, for someone who is (allegedly) a grown man.

TheExecutive3968d ago

Time and time again consumers choose to spend more money on quality products rather than spend less on a lesser quality product.

Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, I am not calling the 360 a lesser quality product: let me explain.

The price of a product is only as good as its perceived value. Sometimes cutting the price of a peice of hardware can even be a bad thing in the consumers eyes. Its a tricky proposition. Consumers can say a lot of things when a price is cut. Such as "wow a good deal just got better" or even "other products out there are better so they had to lower their price". Consumer reaction to a price drop has everything to do with perceived value.

One way we can tell what the perceived value of a console is is how well it sells after a price drop. Or as is the case in the PS3 how well it sells after it gains perceived value (ala bluray). So just because a console becomes cheaper doesnt mean its going to sell any better than it was. It must make it to its perceived value. Even then its not guaranteed to sell well.

My advise to MS (for what its worth): work on your perceived value, instead of just lowering prices. They have a huge uphill battle ahead of them and just slashing prices wont help. Look at 2007. They introduced their first new price point and it sold 3 million less than it did in 2006. They are lowering their prices in Europe because its now becoming 3rd place on a weekly basis. This is their attempt to become competitive again. Mark my words though, they will see a sales spike for a couple of weeks but then it will fall right back to where it was. Why? Because the perceived value isnt there. MS really needs to work on their image and now.

Oh yeah and please please drop the price in the US :)

DragonKnight3968d ago

First, this price cut is only for Europe, and traditionally Europe has been a more pro-Sony market.

Second, if PS2 users haven't made the migration yet, it's not because there is a lack of games or because the PS3 is too expensive, it's because they want the franchises they loved for the PS2.

The PS3 is littered with new IP's, and with the exception of Ratchet and Clank and DMC4, there are NO established franchises out for the PS3.

Price is a big issue, but it isn't the ONLY issue. Microsoft has consistently stunted the Xbox brand by limiting the variety of genres available. Sure, that changed with the 360 a little, but not enough. The type of genre having the most games developed for it is still shooters, and shooters are still the best selling games. That's another thing PS2 users are waiting for. A large variety of games from all genres, just like what was available for the PS2.

Seriously, I don't think a European price cut will have as big an impact as people think.

Spydr073967d ago

Lol, the little song and dance about being a USAF vet made me laugh a little inside. I'm a military brat as well and I can tell you this--talking crap to people and bragging about your life's escapades on the internet doesn't make you look cool. It makes you look a lot like those teens and college kids you seem to detest.

Genuine3967d ago

Did I in any way imply that I'm looking for approval from you or anyone else on this site? Because if I did, it was an accident.

Spydr073967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Find a button, did I? Lol. It amuses me how easy you are to get a rise out of. Did you ever stop to think that maybe people deliberately make remarks to see if you'll try to berate them? Ya' think you've told them, but in the end, the joke's on you. Almost like banging on the gorilla's cage at the zoo? Oh, since you're commenting on the Sony fanboys, ever tried defending Sony, MS, or Nintendo, depending on who is right? If not, I sense a bit of hypocrisy in your posts... Just relax a little, your temper's not a blessing, it's a curse.

Genuine3967d ago

No one on this site beats on my "cage" for long. Because I make use of the ignore button. If someone wants to waste their time typing comments to someone who isn't listening, then by all means they can enjoy theirselves.

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kingOVsticks3968d ago

Im not surprise that MS drop the price of the 360 not that GTA4 is luring closer but I don't see a PS3 price drop until the fall and I doubt to see a wii price drop until the end of the year or maybe even next year.

SPARTAAN3968d ago

i dont think well see a wii price cut ever .... even the ps3 might not have a price cut as it is in a pretty good position right now