Gamzsone V3's Top 20 Games of 2008: 20 to 16

Gamzsone Says: Well, throughout this week, Gamzsone will be giving its top 20 games of the year that we should all have for the systems, if its for the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii, its here on this list. No DS or PSP games here (After all, this is a console blog), just nice graphics and great gameplay here.

The list will be from top to bottom (16 at the top, 20 at the bottom)and will consist of 5 posts all this week.

Today, we do 20 to 16. Tomorrow, we'll be doing 15 to 11, Wednesday, its 10 to 6, Thursday being 5 to 2 and on Friday, we'll be giving honorable mentions...before crowning our No. 1 game of 2008.

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