Gaming More Popular Than Sex

The Daily Mirror reports that Brits spend more time playing computer games in bed than they do having sex – in fact, sex is apparently only the 10th most popular activity between the sheets.

Sleep is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular bed-based pursuit, though it is followed by the likes of talking, TV, reading and web surfing.

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decapitator3907d ago

Now this is something you dont hear everyday...

actas1233907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Actually the results are pretty logical. Of course ppl spend more time in bed doing other things rather than sex. Bed is a place to relax. Ppl don't use beds just to sleep and have sex anymore. This is not the 14th century.
Also, the article said ppl spend more time playing games in bed than having sex... Of course, unless you have sex for more than 4 hours straight each time. I mean this survey applies to ppl that play games in bed right, so its logical that they spend more time playing games than having sex...

P4KY B3907d ago

Repeat the survey in Holland or Italy and you might see a different result.

mighty_douche3907d ago

Hollywood? There's more silicone and plastic in the women than console's.

littletad3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Nicole Peters, Ewa Sonnet, Lucy Pinder, and heck I could go on and on. British women are the most lovely.

Who the hell disagree's? Weird...

predator3907d ago

well then you dont live in britain as if you did you would not be saying that, our girls are real, not fake

LJWooly3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

I'm Brithish, and I've been to Holland, and I can honestly say that statement is beyond untrue.

Women from Holland are a wee bit more slutty, I'll give them that, but British women are generally more attractive, I'm afraid. American women, seeing as about 50% of them are overweight, would probably be the worst.

mighty_douche3907d ago

Bubbles for all my British brothers!!

JsonHenry3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Well, I can see where he is coming from. British women DO seem to look different than what I am used to seeing here in the states. But I would not go so far as to say they are ugly compared to other places. Just different looking than what we are used to.

Personally, I don't think there is a place on planet Earth that does not have millions of women I would be more than happy to share a bed with. They just look different based on location.

@2.4 - 50% of American women are NOT fat. A good deal are, no doubt, but not 50%. The last study I read the UK and America were not very far apart from each other on the list.

P4KY B3907d ago

Austrian, Dutch, Italian, French women are in general nicer looking than the ones i see back in the UK. We do have nice ones in the UK but other countries have way more.

The women in the Czech Republic take the cake, super model standard everywhere you look. (will someone who has been to the CR back me up here?)

Mr_Kuwabara3907d ago

I love my latinas with a nice round @$$.


LJWooly3907d ago

@ Jason:

Good comment. I was only joking about the fat thing. I've been to the US, I know there are some fit women over there, just like any other country. Nothing wrong with being an arse every now and then :)

littletad3907d ago

Man, some of you guys are heartless.

Chuck Norris3907d ago

Central Europe has the hottest babes around.

deeznuts3907d ago

LJ, I know you were joking, but the one thing America has is the diversity of women here! From caucasion to asian to latina to black and everything else in between! I know there are other countries with such diversity, but not to the extent of the US I believe.

But I tell ya, NightCalls UK when I had playboy was the shiz!

Just to toss one back across the pond, British women are very hot ... until they smile ;)


LJWooly3907d ago

Well, I never did understand where Americans get this British 'bad teeth' thing from...

Still, good game, sir ;)

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Vip3r3907d ago

I know I'd much rather earn achievements than a child tbh.

decapitator3907d ago

lol..Bubble for you friend, I laugh really hard.

littletad3907d ago

LMAO, another bad consequence of abusing achievements.

littletad3907d ago

It's just that gamers have a harder time of actually finding someone to have sex with, hence the hobby of playing video games more.

predator3907d ago

dont know about you but i defiantly dont find it hard to find a girl

LJWooly3907d ago

Seeing as you're trying to prove that to a bunch of nerds on a gaming news site, I'd beg to differ :P

predator3907d ago

LJwooly - who are you refearing to?

LJWooly3907d ago

I was reffering to you, but I wasn't being serious :)

predator3907d ago

i was going to say otherwise i would of shown you mine and hers bebo account (although i hate that dam thing)

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Slayer OP3907d ago

Mostly because chicks these days wont go all the way until marriage so us guys have to make very good friends with the internet pron.

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