"PCs Are Good For Anything, Just Not Games" - Unreal Creator Tim Sweeney

From TGDaily:

"We got a chance to sit down with one of the sparkling celebrities of the IT industry during the the Game Developers Conference 2008: Tim Sweeney is founder and CEO of Epic Games, creator of the famous Unreal game engines.

TG Daily editor Theo Valich spoke with Sweeney about the future of the PC as a game platform, the role of the next-generation of game consoles, the next Unreal engine as well as the future of Epic."

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decapitator3968d ago

Man this will not end well. A lot more developers are coming out and staying similar things about the PC's.

Cynical-Gamerzus3968d ago

Great article very informative.
Every six months theres a new GPU ,and it takes 2-3 years to develop a descent game.Whats going on???

Richdad3967d ago

You will definitely say that because all 360 gamers like me are born from PC gaming but left it due to hardware issues, good that PS3 didnt take over this generation or PC gaming will be killed. Therefore many devs are developing on both 360 and PC.
I could say that as PC and 360 are together they are good to go.

kingme713968d ago

Isn't Mark Rein (Epic) on the committee to save PC gaming and didn't he say PC gaming wasn't in trouble (not sure why they need a committee if it wasn't in trouble)? Anyway, Tim's words seem to counter what Mark has been saying, but appear more honest and thoughtful.

Gorgon3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Yes, Marc Rein is probably having a fit right now. I think Sweeney is more thoughtful and more pondered than Marc by far. In most interviews I've read with Marc he always comes out as a total A$$, full of himself, and without any real objective reasoning.

I think Sweeney is basically right in general.

Tyrael3968d ago

PC's not good for gaming? HA! I GOT ONE WORD FOR YA: BLIZZARD!!!

mbmonk3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

He says mainstream PC's aren't good for gaming. AKA machines with integrated graphics cards.

This is nothing new. Epic has been taking shots at integrated graphics and Intel for awhile now.

Epic put out a game that raises the bar tech wise, but is a boring, rehashed turd gameplay wise. Maybe if you actually innovated in the gameplay you might have sold a decent amount on the PC. But I guess they are concentrated on the tech side because they have to sell Unreal Engine to everyone under the sun.

At least the PC has Valve and Blizzard to innovate in a gameplay sense.

Tyrael3967d ago

No see that's exactly my point. Blizzard has put out games that are usually great with budget pcs with integrated graphics cards. You're right though, it's hard to fit it all into the market when devs are trying to push it to the limit.

xhairs3968d ago

You can't really help but realise what he's getting across. I don't feel that they're in trouble more so the lack of good PC hardware = crappier game but more advantages in online gaming.

Take any Call of Duty for instance. If you have the faster, better running PC with the top of the line video card -- you're screwed playing against someoone with equal skill who has to run their game on the lowest settings possible. In the lowest settings bushes/trees/shrubbery are all taken away at longer distances than say...five feet away from you, but when you aim down the sites they reappear. However at that point you've already got your target pinpointed.

How does this make anyone who wants to play online, or even COMPETITIVELY want to buy a new PC or even just upgrade hardware? This doesn't even go to support Punkbuster who claims to be #1 in anti-hack's for online games but I call a simple BS considering now that you have to pay for hacks you're gaurunteed a fresh CD Key from your hack provider if yours gets busted -- what does that stop? Nothing, because then they update their hacks and they're right back to using them again. And Online Gaming Leagues are too stupid to realise when someone's been banned for hacking and back under a new alias that it makes online gaming for the PC one of the most obsolete things since HD-DVD.

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