GTA MMO is "Highly Doable", says Rockstar

In case you haven't seen it, Crispin Boyer of EGM sat down for an interview with Rockstar founder Sam Houser to talk in-depth about all things Grand Theft Auto. In addition to some tasty preview bits, Boyer raked Houser over the coals a little bit, trying to glean from him what the future of the franchise might be. In terms of multiplayer, Houser didn't shy from expressing his enthusiasm for the idea of a GTA MMO. Specifically, he said such a title, "is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition." In a subsequent question he refers to a mainstream subscription-based MMO on a console as "the Holy Grail."

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mighty_douche3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Do it then : )

You can forget the subscription though.

decapitator3972d ago

Agreed. with all their skills. am sure it will be one of the best MMO to be made up to date. Could they be hinting what GTA5 will be ? That will be awesome.

ReconHope3972d ago

no.....disagree if you think otherwise but won't

decapitator3972d ago

Why won't it work ? R* are talented devs and I have no doubt that would be able to pull this off if they infact decide to go that route.

3972d ago
Iamback3972d ago

If it is subscription, than no thanks i will no support it.

mighty_douche3972d ago

Same here, as much as I'd love a MMO GTA, i wont pay a subscription.

Thing is, MMO's cost the earth to produce and require constant support and work after release, it all become's very pricey for the developer, its not a simple as just hooking up a few servers and leaving the player to it.

JeepGamer3972d ago

I'm sorry but any well designed and well run MMO requires subscriptions if it has a persistent world. Servers and bandwidth are not free, nor are the people that have to maintain them.