Three brothers pre-order individual PS3s, get shafted accordingly?

Here's the tale. Three brothers who live in different homes with their own families want to pre-order PS3s for their households. GameStop's notices on pre-ordering PS3s say that reservations are limited to one household.
By definition, "household" refers to either a family or a group of otherwise unrelated people who live together under the same roof, so this should be okay, right? These three brothers wait outside their local GameStop, first three in line as well, and pre-order their individual consoles. They also explained to the person taking care of the pre-orders that they lived in different houses, with their driver's licenses as proof.
The next day presents a problem, however. GameStop emails them, saying that they're unable to allow the brothers to order more than one unit.

OutLaw6431d ago (Edited 6431d ago )

It's wrong for any store to do this against customers who show proof of different residences. Maybe they should had said it was a coincidence they all have the same last name.

uxo226431d ago

Gamestop needs to get out of the humanitarian business and stick with the money making business. I wonder if those three brothers tried to preorder an upcoming video game a year down the road would household still mean family. The whole thing smells like a rat to me, GAMESTOP you should be ashamed, those young men stood outside did what they needed to do and you plain screwed them!

Another round of corporate america, beating up the little guy.

omansteveo6431d ago

A couple guys tried that at my store and i had to refuse them for 2 reasons 1. They were related and 2. they openly admitted to me that they were putting them on ebay to exploit people so i turned them away.....i said im sorrry guy but my job is to make a many gamers as happy as possible by rearding them with a reservation my job is not to reward an bay poacher who wants to EXPLOIT people period and i told those 3 guys you can have one but not 3 end of story

So in conclusion they didnt get shafted if i wouldnt have done my job i wouldve been shafting 2 other GAMERS that really want to enjoy the system

OutLaw6431d ago

I understand but these guys probably was getting the system for their own personal use.

Also lets say they went to three different Gamestops would they still be in the same boat that they're in now? Most likely not.

WhoDey996431d ago

good work you're a real hero. and the next two gamers who you sold the order to will probably sell their system on ebay. give yourself a pat on the back and a kick to the nuts

uxo226431d ago

It's NOT your business what they do with the game consoles after they give you the REQUIRED CASH for the purchase. You went beyond your job and started c**k blocking. Who cares if they were related, did they live in the same household.

Here one for you, I live in one state my brother and his family live in another. Can he preorder on in chicago, and I preorder one in atlanta? Same family....same BULL!

This policy is lame, maybe I'll start making purchase a stores that are not part of an affiliate (Family).

omansteveo6431d ago (Edited 6431d ago )

Actually they would the company cross references names and checks to make sure and i know it sounds rediculous but its being done bc of what happened with the 360.

Customers dont blame M$ or Sony for the lack of systems for some reason they blame us...then they see them up on ebay and they say (ive had people say this to me) how can Gamestop let this thing happen and why would we sell more than one to a family and it should be obvious they're gonna put it on ebay...
Now that being said not everyone is going to do that but it takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch and in the case of what happened last year their were tons of bad apples that ruined it for everyone....
Ex.a guy in another state reserved 360's in every single one of his family memebers names n cluding his cousins nd every distant family memeber he could think of and it upset customers they this took place witch is way now they are taking all of these precautions to keep that kinda thing from happening

OutLaw6431d ago (Edited 6431d ago )

That cross reference from a store sounds illegal. I'm cool with Gamestop, I have friends that work there. But if I ever found out that a store has that type of information that my government should have about my whole family tree. I would put a lawsuit against them for invasion of privacy.

They should not know who is related to me.

signal3606431d ago

With time and google, you can find out who is related to you. It's called birth cert. it's public infomation.

What's the big deal in knowing who is related to you anyway?

OutLaw6431d ago (Edited 6431d ago )

The big deal is when companies like Gamestop try to use it against people when thats not in their policy.

What's in their policy is one per household per person. Not my third cousin that not even I probably know.

So since I'm related to that person I don't get a system, that sounds stupid..

WhoDey996431d ago

i would seriously like to know the average age of people on these boards or maybe better yet, the average IQ. I come to this site to for up to date info on the ps3 and then get sucked into reading user comments which only make me dumber. If its not childish remarks like Xbox360 rules PS3 drools its those threatening a lawsuit for a company using public information. Give me your name and location and i can probably find out who you last made love to, which in your case would probably be your sister.

OutLaw6431d ago

If you don't like what I said then keep moving noob but to come out and talk about me and my family like that shows your IQ. Keep it up and you will find yourself banned off the site as quick as you came on here. So if I were you stick to what you know, which is probably very little.


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SovereignSnaKe14h ago

It's an outstanding game and so was The Old Blood. Also a lost era of gaming. Interesting, I received a physical copy of The Old Blood 9 years ago today from Poland. It was digital only in North America initially upon release so I had to import.


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Seth_hun20h ago

I disagree. Its still a fantastic game, with very good gunplay and a surprisingly loveable cast of characters and a good story trough many different and interesting setpieces

hiawa2316h ago(Edited 16h ago)

All The New Order needs for my tastes is a this gen enhancement patch.

ChasterMies16h ago

I played New Order a couple of years after launch and I give it an 8/10. The shooter holds up because it is focused on being a good shooter. There is no crafting, no RPG elements, no open world find the question mark Weapons are fun. Enemies are fun. Levels offer a nice mix of stealth and shooting. You get to be the predator; this isn’t a game about fending off waves of enemies while a robot companion unlocks a door. Most importantly, New Order is the last of a dying breed of single player shooters.

Skuletor15h ago

Singleplayer shooters are still getting released every year, just look up "boomer shooters" and you'll find an an abundance of them. AAA fps campaigns, not so much.

Last year had Trepang2, RoboCop: Rogue City, Turbo Overkill, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, Dread Templar, Sprawl and more

DustMan10h ago

The games you mentioned are not from AAA developers. Wolfenstein likely had a budget that was probably as big as all those games you mentioned combined. I'm not knocking the new wave of retro shooters. I absolutely love them (I think some get much higher review scores than they deserve though). I just really wouldn't describe Wolfenstein as purely a boomer shooter based on the relatively cohesive story, with cut scenes and is fully voice acted. Full set piece moments.

AA development seems to be focused keeping the single player solo experience alive. But the big developers are only concerned about the MTX and milking players who enjoy multiplayer.

ChasterMies3h ago(Edited 2h ago)

The age of AA shooters. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I like less expense, shorter games.

Abear2115h ago

Weird all the Wolfenstein articles.

Can you guess what will be announced at Xbox showcase?

DefenderOfDoom215h ago

What Machine Games did with Wolfenstein franchise is awesome. The game play definitely to me , is still very fun to play !!!

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