Blu-ray Macs Confirmed For Later This Year - Apple and Sony Talking BD For Macs

Sony is in talks with Apple and Microsoft on a mission to provide Blu-ray drives for computers and console games.

The move follows the de facto end of the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, and suggests new Macs with Blu-ray support could appear this year.

It's a moot point still as to how relevant the technology is, when high definition films can now be procured online, but in the professional markets at least there's still going to be a need for a physical system for high-def video.

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decapitator3964d ago

Finally, Now I know I will be picking up a Mac for sure. It was jut a matter of time and is happened. Thanks Apple. + 1 in sales.

resistance1003964d ago

Snap, Vista has put me off windows for a while, providing these come in at a fair price i will be buying =D

decapitator3964d ago

Same here, I tried vista for a week and had to a downgrade back to Windows xp. Am ready to make the jump to Macs now.

Tempist3964d ago

Yeah there's a bit of irony to be found here. Apple is the biggest mouth in saying that there should be digital downloads over optical media. And now they're going to be using Blu-ray.

Kind of makes you feel bad for buying a MacBook Air only to find the next gen super drive almost has the same capacity as the harddrive in the machine.

meepmoopmeep3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I'm a Blu supporter but I still stand on my opinion that Blu-ray on PC's, laptops or Macs is USELESS. It's not good for data storage since HDD's are cheaper and more reliable and the only good use for them is for movies. But who wants to watch them half a foot from their monitor?

Tempist3964d ago

And yes it's always been easiest to port around a terabyte hard drive over a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disk.

Until the hard drive becomes an easy portable and quick swaping mofo, it'll never be as popular as a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray. That's why they are still relevant.

Pain3964d ago

iMac + MacMini + AirPort with x2 500g hdd's + Soon to be New Mac with BD ?? im in Heaven.

bring it.

solidt123964d ago

I just bought a G4 and I love it running OS X 10.5. It's got me seriously thinking about saving up for a G5 next year. I use it as my home recording studio.

Bonsai12143964d ago

G4's are supported by leopard

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