Confirmed: Xbox 360 drops below £150 in the UK

VG247 is reporting that Amazon has cut the price of Xbox 360 in the UK. The Arcade pack now costs £149.99, making the console by far the cheapest machine in the current gen. A British Wii currently costs £180.

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green3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

This is way cheaper than i expected.i expected 170,210 and 270 for the respective skews.Sales will definately surge but by how much is something we just have to wait and see.

The pro at 189 is just too much of a bargain.Sony might just have to respond before GTA4's release

Lifendz3964d ago

not this low but I called it. That is, as you said, insanely cheap. I don't know what Sony can do to counter this. They need to either reach some deal with R* for their own exclusive content or start up another marketing campaign featuring Metal Gear, Resistance 2, GT5, and maybe God of War III.

masterg3964d ago

Big Mistake.
Why didn't they wait until the 25th of April. To me this looks like MS is loosing their cool. Sony now has 5 weeks to react just in time for GTA4. A Price-cut just before GTA4 would have been a killer.

All MS can hope for now is that Sony doesn't do a GTA4 cut or a GTA4 bundle/cut. I'm 99% sure Sony will do it.

mikeslemonade3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Pretty stupid move to drop the price this early when I can't buy the 360 pro bundle on Amazon if I wanted too because they're out of stock!

hades073964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

They dropped the price now so people will not only go out and buy them before easter break but prepare to sell off the remaining sku's and make way for the 60GB model. That is what they're saving to release just before GTA 4. As for Sony, with them currently having one of the best blu-ray players on the market in the form of the PS3 and the MGS4 bundle coming up, they're not going to drop the price soon.

BrianC62343964d ago

"I don't know what Sony can do to counter this."

What does Sony need to do? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. The PS3 comes with a hard drive. This cheap version of the 360 has almost nothing. It's like buying a TV with just a tube and power cord. You can use it but it doesn't do much. The big games won't work on it or it will just make it even harder for developers to use the hard drive in the 360 since it will mean even more 360s don't have a hard drive. Why is Microsoft trying so hard to sell 360s with no hard drive anyway? So foolish. It could chase the better third party developers away from the 360 for their bigger games.

hades073964d ago

While I don't agree with the first part of your comment because this does put Sony in a tighter spot since most people buy systems for the games, not blu-ray movies, and that's the biggest advantage the PS3 has right now console-wise. I fully agree with your second part, drop the arcade unit altogether, it's just going to limit what future developers can do with the sytstem.

Sayai jin3963d ago

@mikeslemonade- How in any way is this a stupid move? The system has been out almost 2 and half years with only one price drop. Manufacturing cost are way down and the 360 is starting to turn profits. The timing is great. Right before the launch of a huge game going multi-platform. The biggest multi game yet according to most and you know why they did it.

Back on topic, this is a lot lower than I expected. I live in Germany and I have had a lot of colleagues saying they would buy it simply becuase of the price and GTA 4. My wife just told me that Toy's r Us (yes they have these in Germany)is selling a lot of 360's, the price went down today in most stores here.

I have said this over and over. So many people get caught up on who sales the most games, hardware, or which is the better machine. Who the flip cares. Ig you arre gamer you should revel in the fact tht we are gettin the best deals, games, experince, etc than ever before. One company lowers a price then the other counters with another move and us, the somsumer benifits completly.

Enjoy, cause it does not get better than this.

wow4u3963d ago

"MGS4 bundle coming up, they're not going to drop"

Sony including MGS4, a brand new game, their most anticipated title into a BUNDLE is a price-drop of sorts.

They are giving up the $50 sale in exchange for new console purchase.

It is a tactical move that accomplishes the price drop, and forces people to buy the $50 title.

It is also a good way for Sony to try and move Konami's title, with the install base lower than they need it to be, including it in a bundle is a way to keep the Developer/Publisher happy.

What is happening is Sony is buying MGS4 and giving it away -- this is good for the publisher, not good for Sony's bottom line.

A price drop by any other name.

AceLuby3963d ago

If they are having supply issues why do they need a price cut now?

InYourMom3963d ago

This is definately a bargain for a machine with this many games/features. Why would anyone looking to buy a game machine past this up when you consider the software library?

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dale13964d ago

sounds like 360 aint selling now the ps3 and wi is out, mind you add the wifi, hd drive and hd player oh it aint got one price jumps up a lot

PumPum3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Then why did a few 360s get the RROD at GDC?
Play & Charge? Why do i have to pay extra for everything? Suddenly its not that cheap anymore is it?
Just wait for those DVDdrives gettin DRE like the early PS2 drives did. =)

PS. i still have a copy of gears of war but it got raped so you can only play to the part where you meet Alpha.
I can send it to you if you want. Bought another copy but sold it with my 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Your now the prison b!tch and TheMart ownes you.

Wow check out the glitch, my comments is above TheMarts but it's a post in response to TheMart owning dale1.

Mr Playboy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )


it seems you lived in the cave for a very long time how sad, M$ already fixed many issues with the 360

BTW, I have a 2005 xbox360 works better than my early PS2

masterg3964d ago

@TheMART at Xboxkings

Good to see you do a post for once with some facts that you didn't make up yourself.

There is however one problem. And it's the biggest one of them all. The RRoD is not fixed. No even close. If you buy a new model now you have a 1 in 10 change of getting a RRoD within the first 6 months.
That's not what I call fixed.

TheMART3964d ago

@ Pumpum

19 Euro for a play & charge kit or just a few euros for rechargable batteries...

Ah wait if you find that paying for everything what is:

Only having composite cables with a HD console, forcing you to buy HDMI cables then?

Or a headset because out of the box there is no full online experience, buy a BlueTooth one there

Or maybe paying 50 to 100 Euro more for the console itself and have 95% of the multiplatform games a less experience

But hey, if the rest is fixed and you're problem is only about the Play&Charge kit... I guess you're not that into gaming, missing out on Gears is a big thing if you ask me

iAmPS33963d ago

XBOX 360 ARCADE £189.98
XBOX 360 HARD DRIVE (20GB) £69.98




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patlike3964d ago

They'll wait until Christmas, I reckon.

Lifendz3964d ago

If they do that then Jack needs to be fired. In North America, GTA has become a cultural phenom. It has a fanbase that is insanely loyal. And this is the first time the game is releasing simultaneously on both consoles. Also, the PS2 owners still (by and large) have yet to choose a next-gen console. Halo didn't bring them in and neither did Gears. This game, imo, will. If this crowd are as diehard loyal to Sony as everyone seems to think they are, then yeah..they'll get a PS3. But I don't think you can leave this to chance.

Sony has to do something to get these people to pay the extra 200 plus dollars for a PS3 to play a game that they could get on a cheaper console with exclusive DLC.

InMyOpinion3963d ago

They are bundling the PS3 with GT5: Prologue in Europe I think. Very smart move since some people seem uncertain if they want to pay full price for it or not. This way it will certainly give the full GT5 version a good boost(not that it seems needed) when it's released.

Daewoodrow3963d ago

I think you're right. A bundle might be possible, but Sony have only just dropped the price all over the world a few months ago now. I don't think they can afford another price cut so soon. I am of course speculating.
I think MS figured the same, which is why they aren't waiting till a bigger sale period to drop it. They don't figure there's anything the competition can do right now.

crunchie1013964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

This is insane - the Premium 360 is only £10 more expensive than the Wii now, and the Arcade is £30 cheaper!

edit: oops, didn't see that that was pointed out in the description.

chasegamez3964d ago

dont 4get you have 2 pay for xbox live

hades073964d ago

Xbox live is a measly 5 bucks a month, if you can afford to be online and on N4G you can afford five bucks. The whole xbox live cost money deal is blown out of proportion. What MS needs to fix is offering more downloads for free since were paying for live.

The new price for the premium model is amazing, especially with the new sku coming out that has a 60gb hard drive and if it has the better cpu and gpu it will definately be worth the $300 US/Canadian.

InMyOpinion3963d ago

If you buy the PS3 you have to pay for HD cables and dual-shock.

jlytle12343963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

"If you buy the PS3 you have to pay for HD cables and dual-shock."
lets see 10 dollar cable you buy once or 50 dollars every year for the lifetime of the console. and we can throw in the rumble controller if you must, but we all know its going to come in the bundle before long.

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LSDARBY3964d ago

Why would anyone buy the arcade, it doesnt even come with HD cables.

But i think im gonna pick up a Premium the end of this month.

green3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

the same question i was asking myself until i saw that price of 150pounds.Those that are still waiting to upgrade from last gen to the current gen are the ones that will buy the arcade.They can delve into the back catalog of games and also buy GTA4.

I don't like the arcade but at 150pounds i am actually considering buying it for my nephews 18th bday on the 30th of april with a copy of GTA4.

So i think i have answered the question.

edit: the premium is 180pounds so it still makes more sense buying the premium.But i think for people that are looking to buy gifts might just be tempted to save the 30 pounds and get the arcade

LastDance3964d ago

Thats a really nice thing to do, but the way games are going these days, youd want a HDD atleast i think. God knows whats gona happen in 2 years with the storage space of DVD9

ThaGeNeCySt3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

"Why would anyone buy the arcade, it doesnt even come with HD cables. "

by that logic, why even buy the PS3... that doesn't even come with HD cables LOL

Ital50Stal3963d ago

you beat me to it "ThaGeNeCySt" lol...good call cant sony afford to throw in some hdmi cables or even component for F*** sake...weak!

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