Tiny huge 1TB optical disc

It is called the TeraDisk and it is really small, like a ordinary CD/DVD. But it's really huge in terms of space. 1 TB (1000 GB). How can this be done? The process is easy (or not). All existing optical media record data on semitransparent layers. A regular CD has 1 layer and a Blu-Ray disk has up to 8. The reason nobody can add more layers on a regular CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disk is because when the light passes through these layers it becomes distorted and by the time it reaches the final layers it becomes almost impossible to read/write on the disk.

TeraDisk achieved the 1TB limit by using 200 layers, each storing 5GB of data. So basically the data support stay the same (TeraDisk will be made out of the same plexiglas like material used in other disks) but the write/read laser technology is completely new. They say it's going to be cheap and it will be available for the public in 2010.

For more info on how this is done click the link

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sak5003926d ago

Care to elaborate? If its cheaper and bigger capacity why can't PCs and maybe movie studios look into it? Oh yes, you dont want BD to fail that's why.

mighty_douche3926d ago

It has nothing to do with Blu-Ray, please leave your console loyalty at the door, this is technology, nothing to do with console's.

1000gb on a disc IS pointless, they dont work with any current readers so will never recieve mainstream support, no one requires that level of storage on a disc, this is more a tech show piece than anything else.

Blank 25gb BR disc = £10, how much do you think these will cost?

sak5003926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

SO you want to be stuck with DVD 9 / 18 and BD 25/50/100 gb for rest of ur life? If everybody thought like you we would be still using 5 3/4 inch floppy disks.

BTW: Do u remember or maybe you were not born then, when dvdrom/writers first appeared. They were costing in thousands of USDs. Look at the prices now.

mighty_douche3926d ago

ah so your mind set is simple, bigger = better right?

technically correct, but only if there is need/demand for that size, there isnt for this, maybe in 50 years or so but not now, please explain to me exactly why you would need a 1000gb of storage on a disc? currently, nothing.

no need/demand = no point.

sak5003926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

LOL and Bill Gates once said 640kb is enough.

I have 580GB in my Pc and 250 external drive.

What if Kojima gets his hand on this?

TheExodus3926d ago

@mighty_douche: "No one requires that level of storage on a disc." You can't be serious, because I already have 6 1TB Hitachi HDDs & 4 500GB Western Digital HDDs feeding my CD/VHS/DVD collection to my iPod, Apple TV & iPhone. Blu-ray fails to excite me because it offers 25GB of storage for about $15 ( when I'm already getting 17.5GB of storage out of MiniDV for about $2 ( http://www.dl-electronics.c...

3926d ago
mighty_douche3926d ago

Having this or that size HDD is not related to this arguement. That's fixed memory, i simply dont believe that anybody currently need's a 1000gb CD.

Sorry, if you disagree that's fine, this is MY opinion.

ar3926d ago

It takes years for this kind of techniques to reach the consumer market and they go through several iterations on the way. The first prototypes leading to the format we today know as Blu-Ray where revealed in 2000 (and the research had probably begun a couple of years before).
This is merely a tech demo for future products. Don't expect to see this in the market soon.

Saint Sony3926d ago

"this is technology, nothing to do with console's. "

I lolled, twice.. no.. thrice!

Richdad3926d ago

But technology of future definetly not now but 1000 GB wow if they can get it commercial in 2010 then it will be really great but what if sony used 2 photon technology on BLU Ray 50/9*1000=5.5 TB something imaginary but the idea that this is change in design of player not media read the article, Sony could develop a Blu ray with pixeliglass. But lets see do Teradisk devs really want to seel their technology or get monopoly.

Also if this 2 photon technology comes in 2010, MS would also be bashing it since they are now BLU ray supporters. Just think although MS and Sony are fighting crazy in console war outside but they are good allies ex: Sony audio forge for windows and Widnows for Sony erricsson sets. Maybe After all a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

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bilal3926d ago

people should understand that blu-ray is the new format for the next 4-5 years.....this would most likely compete for the next gen of formats (after blu ray)...even if it start in 2010 it would take 2-3 odd years for it to become a mass market product (hence it could be the next gen format)............

also people who think that these formats would be replaced by downloads any time soon are missing the point someways it is like the case when computer was suppose replace paper eventually instead u all know what happened...

TheExodus3926d ago

Blu-ray doesn't have 4-5 years because Memphile will have a prototype of TeraDisc available by the end of this year (

actas1233926d ago

This is not the first disc that claims to have superior storage capacities. Many companies claimed way bigger sizes than Blue ray, however, their discs are not practical and difficult/very expensive to manufacture, that makes them really useless. Also, this Disc has 200 layers!!! You know Blue ray is up to 8 layers so blue ray could go up to 200 GB in space, but its not the time for those 8 GB to be used. A dual layer Blue ray should be more than enough especially with new Blue ray compressing technologies.

DARK WITNESS3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

i like how all of a sudden, now blue has won, it is pointless to have anything bigger....yet was that not the argument for why we needed blue, because it is bigger then dvd.

things may be stable for now with blue and the ps3, but who is to say the next xbox wont use this.

if we have already had a few devs talk about using all of the space on blue ( mgs 4 anyone )... if the space is there, they will find something to fill it.

1stKnighT3926d ago

This goes with my original idea of the next 360 going with direct game downloads. Next gen games and hd movies will easily fit on a few of these babies. And with the next wave of hi speed internet already starting, it looks like bluray will not be around as long as dvd or vhs.

Bluray = Lazer Disc

TheExodus3926d ago

DVD (4.7GB) offered 7.2 times the storage capacity of CD (650MB) while Blu-ray (25GB) offers 2.9 times the storage capacity DVD DL (8.54GB). Personally I think Blu-ray & HD DVD are fallback positions that Sony & Toshiba engineers stumbled upon while reaching for something more substantial, but the benefit to consumers is so negligible I'm not sure either should have been finalized into consumers products.

Kami3926d ago

this is enough space for Kojima to put MGS4 on? lol

tweaker3926d ago

1 Terabyte optical Disc? I rather have a terabyte hard disk. Downloads is the future. Just not right now.

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